Solutions for the cat not to scratch the sofa

Do you love your cat but sometimes do not know what to do when you find your brand new scratchy sofa again? Sorry to tell you but the fault is not the cat’s, it’s just following your feline nature. This attitude certainly has its motives and also its solutions.

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Cats are very clean animals and some can be anxious, like to maintain and sharpen their nails, so they are all the time in a constant search to scratch things. It is also a way of marking territory with other felines, of stretching and releasing stress.

To have a happy cat, it is important to know him, to know what he likes to scratch and why, to make sure he is giving you the necessary attention or if the environment where he is is a potentiator of stress. If your cat is a scratchy professional, in YourCatCareguide we give you some solutions so that your cat does not scratch the sofa .

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Cover the couch

Although cats like to play with everything they find, covering the sofa with some fabrics that are less stimulating, such as some old sheets, may help them not find it so hard to scratch the sofa.

This technique should be retained for a few weeks to have an effect while getting used to some scratching or other area you have for it. You can never prevent your cat from scratching anything, so it will be best to divert your attention.

Clean and ambience the scratchy sofa

Another way to divert your attention is to apply to the sofa substances that the cat does not like and that do not catch your attention. For example, you can use alcohol , some lemon essential oil or even furniture air fresheners. Before doing this, wipe the sofa with soap and water to try to counteract the cat’s odor. They are very territorial and will try to scratch the things they consider part of their territory.

If you do not catch him in the middle of the act do not give him a scolding

Cats, like people, break their behavior patterns little by little and with some training. Be patient with your cat as you educate him so he does not scratch the sofa. An important fact, do not scold him if he does not catch you in the act , your cat will not understand why he is having this attitude and will not receive it properly, he will be scared, thus increasing his anxiety.

According to scientific studies, it is best to reprimand just as you are scratching the couch, speak calmly but with authority, pointing to the couch in question and then pulling him away from the disaster zone. If you do not do it then you will miss the golden opportunity.

The scratchers, a great solution

Cats are animals of custom, will always try to scratch in the same place. Invest in the happiness of your cat and in your tranquility by making your own cat scratcher and turn a small space of your house into a play area.

You can put things there like toys, your catgrass with which you can rub, scrapers, something to climb and trunks where you can sharpen your nails. Make this a stimulating environment for your pet.

However, if your cat does not seem to pay too much attention to the scratcher, do not hesitate to visit our article on how to teach a cat to use the scratch remover .

Help him stay clean

Treat your cat with a lot of affection and consider cutting her nails every once in a while. In this way you will not have the same urgency to scratch everything that appears to the front, especially the fabric of your beloved sofa. Read our article on cutting the cat’s nails .

Never, under any circumstances, sharpen your cat’s nails. This will do great damage to your feline personality and can be very dangerous too.

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