Socializing a Puppy Cat

The arrival of a new family member is always a reason for joy, however, before adopting a kitten we must take into account that it needs some care and a time of learning. Among other things, we have to give it time to get it socialized properly so that it grows balanced and happy. The socialization of a cat is to develop the confidence of the animal to become accustomed to the presence and relationship with other people and animals, without being frightened or uncomfortable.

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A well-socialized cat will grow happier and will probably be more affectionate, affectionate and educated. So in this article of YourCatCareguide we want to teach you how to socialize a puppy cat so that the relationship with your new companion develops in a healthy and happy way.

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What can happen if you do not socialize your cat?

If you do not socialize your cat since he is small he can show negative attitudes which, with age, may be more difficult to solve. If your kitten is not well socialized, it can be frightening, insecure or aggressive , even scratching or biting anyone who comes close.

That is why it is so important that you know how to socialize a puppy cat from the moment it arrives in your house, this way you will avoid problems and the coexistence will be more pleasant and peaceful.

Socialization with people

Depending on where the kitten was born, it may be that he has had contact with other people, in such cases it will be easier for him to interact with strangers. The cats sensitive period, i.e. the period in which they learn certain behavior more easily with experiments that have is between 2 and 7 weeks 1 .

Be that as it may, you will have to prepare your own space in which you feel safe and able to travel if you feel trapped. In order to get used to you, you should spend a lot of time with him, cherish him, play with him, and always talk in a soft, calm voice. This will create a bond with your cat and he will get used to dealing with people.

It is also important that you become familiar with the presence of strangers, so you can ask your friends and family to pay you a visit so the puppy gets accustomed. He may be reticent at first, but give him some time, when he starts to get confidence he will laugh as he draws closer to himself. It is important not to force him to contact you if you do not want to , because this can be counterproductive and will have the opposite effect to what you want. It is best to attract him using friendly words, various toys and treats.

When it comes to dealing with children, it is important to make it clear that it is not a toy and that you have to be patient. Children will want to play with him and hug him non-stop, but they have to follow the same steps as adults. They should allow the cat to approach by itself and watch for children to play with care without hurting them.

Socializing with other animals

Probably the kitten has had a relationship with her mother and her siblings, but still has to get used to the presence of other animals. Puppies are usually more sociable than adults and are always looking for jokes, so this phase is easier than socializing a cat when you are an adult .

If your kitten is a little insecure or timid, a carry case can help a lot to get used to the smells of the old member of the house. You should control the other animal so it is not too rough and does not scare the kitten. Let little by little, the dog gets accustomed to the scents and the presence of the other animal and little by little is approaching.

Separation anxiety in cats

In order to accustom your kitten to people you should spend a lot of time with it, however, you may come to feel dependency on you and start experiencing separation anxiety . In this case you should gradually accustom him to being alone.

The important thing is for your cat to grow properly socialized , not to be frightened by the presence of other people or animals but to be independent. This way you will create a happy , healthy and balanced cat .

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