5 Signs That Your Dog Is Happy

We are always very happy next to our pets, but on many occasions we do not know for sure if our furry friends are happy with us. Dogs, like people, may feel happy or, on the contrary, may be anxious or even suffer from depression .

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The dogs are very sensitive animals and can undergo mood changes according to different situations and we, as owners and friends, do not want anything to spoil their happiness.

As the dogs do not speak there is to know to interpret the clues that indicate that they are happy, so in this article of the Animal Expert we show you 5 signs that your dog is happy .

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1. Do not lose your appetite

Dogs are very petty animals unless they have some problem, be it physical or psychological. If you are sick or if you become depressed, it is normal to lose your appetite. However, a happy dog is always asking for food and will devour everything that puts him in front of you. This is one of the 5 signs that your dog is happy.

Do not forget that when you eat the same food day after day you may get bored and stop eating all your food. In this case you should look at the other signs to make sure that your dog is happy and did not stop eating for other problems. This can be solved by giving you other foods from time to time.

2. Always wants to play and walk

An active dog is a happy dog. Whether with their owner or with other animals, dogs are often very playful. In addition, they are always willing to take long walks to spend energy.

There are more dynamic dogs than others, but have the energy you have, a happy dog ​​wants to always walk and play.

3. Get enough sleep

An adult dog sleeps for 16 hours a day , while the puppies need up to 20 hours of sleep . A happy dog ​​will need the right hours of rest to replenish forces and regain energy to continue to ask him to play and walk.

If your dog sleeps more than necessary it may be because he suffers from some problem of depression, annoyance or other illnesses such as distemper or parvovirus . It is important that you pay attention to find out the cause so as to find the appropriate solution.

4. Ask for affection

A happy dog ​​loves to be close to his loved ones and share moments together. He will ask for fondling and partying several times a day and will show you the belly for that bite. This is a sign that you trust and feel good and secure in your company.

Another way of asking for your affection is by asking them to play games, which, as we have said, is another sign that your dog is happy.

5. Likes to snoop around

The dogs are very curious animals and love to discover the world around them . They love to smell and search new things and unfamiliar places. A dog that is not interested in things and unknown people is an apathetic dog, which probably has mood problems.

Be aware of changes

Although he has shown you 5 signs that your dog is happy, you are the one who knows him best, knows his attitude and attitude, and is the one who will detect any change in behaviorand if he is sad. Pay attention to the little details and see if your behavior has changed and, above all, make sure your four-legged friend has a full, healthy and totally happy life. He will return this love in the same way.

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