5 Signs That Your Cat Is Boring

As with people, cats can also feel bored and discouraged. When a cat gets bored, it is for some reason and is usually related to the lack of enrichment, socialization and play.

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If you believe that your cat is bored, it will be crucial to check the behavior you have at home and the signs that may indicate discomfort, disinterest or demotivation by your daily routine. It is important to note that there is a lot more happening among cats who live alone at home than when they live with other cats.

In order to correctly understand if your cat is bored, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you the 5 signs that your cat is bored . Find out why and act immediately by following our advice.

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1. Excessive cleaning

When a cat compulsively licks its fur , and causes even blemishes, it is a clear sign that the poor cat is bored to exhaustion. When licking is so excessive, it can lead to a dermal lesion called granuloma, a serious health problem that one should treat as soon as possible.

In addition to the damage in your fur, this behavior is very stressful for the cat. This can affect you mentally and lead you to depression. It is also a dangerous activity as it cause the dangerous and uncomfortable balls of hair in the stomach .

Another possible behavior is the cat compulsively licking your hair when you are around (for example when they are in bed or on the couch together).

2. Excessive intake of food

One consequence of feline hassle is the excessive intake of food . A very “human” attitude because many people due to anguish, depression or stress have this same harmful behavior, from eating compulsively. Boredom in the cat causes you a lot of stress. A pleasant but damaging way to minimize boredom is to eat.

Check out well the amounts of food you offer to your cat to avoid obesity in your feline. Do not forget that it is harmful to your health!

3. Sleep excessively

Cats usually sleep a lot. They are estimated to sleep between 16 and 17 hours a day . A cat that has no activity that stimulates it, can sleep much more .

This, in the beginning, could be considered harmless, but it is not. Sleeping cats can stop cleaning themselves and quickly degenerate their appearance. They may also become dehydrated or suffer from loss of appetite.

4. Cat destroyer

Sometimes there are cats that, in order to escape the great boredom they suffer, are destructive . They go up by the curtains destroying them by doing so, for example.

Also they can dedicate to throw objects of shelves or to surprise surprise small pets like canaries, parakeets or hamsters.

We must not confuse the usual destruction that cats make in the corners of couches and chains, with the multiple acts vandals driven by boredom.

5. Tracker Cat

Sometimes there are cats that live with another cat or another pet, but nevertheless they get bored. If the dominant cat is very dynamic and the other is calm in excess, it can happen that to entertain itself to perform a kind of “bullying” or abuse against the other cat , martyring him and making his life difficult.

It is not at all frequent, but it can also bother a small dog. Cats often resort to their ancestral hunting instincts and get involved with the smallest beings in the house.

Solutions for a bored cat

For starters, it’s critical to rule out the fact that your partner suffers from depression , a common problem in animals that have experienced a drastic change in their life, a major loss or a shock. If you believe you may be experiencing depression you should consult your veterinarian, and in the meantime we advise you to:

  • Play with your cat daily. The best toy for cats is undoubtedly the fishing rod because you also participate in the game, something fundamental so that your cat also has fun. The truth is that toys and scrapers can distract your cat a good bit, but in the long run they will end up getting bored if there is no real interaction.
  • Enrich your day to day with stimuli you have not yet met: music, activities, food, other people … Enrichment will help you get out of your rut of annoyance. Contact with the sun will also provide you with extra energy, a better synthesis of vitamins and happiness.
  • Give him massages, caresses and lots of kisses , cats love to feel loved and loved, this will make him feel that he is part of a family group, strong and full of affection.
  • Use cat’s herb to encourage psychological stimulation.
  • Play with your cat daily. The best toy for cats that you can buy is the fishing rod, since you also participate in the game, something fundamental so that your cat also has fun. The truth is that toys can distract your cat a good bit, but in the long run they end up getting bored if there is no real interaction.

Lastly, and if your cat spends many hours alone, we recommend that you go to a shelter and adopt a companion who helps your cat to spend the hours in company and fun. Both will thank you.

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