Signs that my cat is happy

When a cat is happy all its surroundings are in harmony, including its human companions. But if cats do not talk, how can you tell if they’re happy?

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In fact there are many ways to know the state of mind of your cat. Cats are creatures that express their feelings through a broad body language and all the noises and meows they make.

To get to know each day a little more about your pet and to communicate better with him, keep reading this article from Animal Expert where we show you some signs that your cat is happy .

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The body posture

A cat’s bodily postural may reveal to us if he is content . When your pet has its head up and keeps it that way, it is telling you that you feel very well and safe in this time and place. If at the same time your head points forward it means you are greeting and welcoming so that you can touch and caress it. This is the right time to extend your hand so that your cat can smell it and then lay it on his head to greet him.

It is the same with the tail, if it is raised up is a sign of contentment and we move to a level of emotion when, with the tip of the tail, makes a small hook.

We know that our cat is having a good and happy dream when sleeping with its paws stretched down because it is a sign that it is comfortable and totally relaxed in that environment. Your cat feels at home.

The body expression of joy and fullness for a cat is when lying on its back with its paws in the air. When you see that your cat is this way, come and give him lots of pampering and express his own happiness now.

Noise and sounds

When a cat feels happy he wants the whole world to know it and his way of expressing it will be trying to have “conversations” with him through long meows . One thing: the higher tones express joy and contentment, however, the more serious tones indicate that you are uncomfortable, discontented and reserved.

Cats are very vocal animals . Not only do they communicate with myar, but they also do it with noises that are very specific to their species, such as purr. Keep an eye out if your cat purrs at the same time caresses you because it is a sign that you are happy. However, if you purr yourself as you approach, you may be very assertive about this upcoming meeting.

The eyes are the door of the soul

If your cat looks at you with half-closed eyes , you are not observing it in a mysterious tone, but rather the opposite. This is a sign that likes you and that you feel happy. Remember that a cat’s eyes are a door of emotional expression.

If for example, when you put your delicious food on it, you see that the cat’s eyes dilate, that is to say that you are very happy and satisfied. The sudden dilation of a cat’s eyes is a clear sign of excitement and happiness.

Actions that make you happy

Cats love to clean themselves , and this is not just a sign they like to keep clean, but it is also a state of happiness. If you see your cat wiping constantly or cleaning other cats or pets you have at home, you are always happy.

A sign of happiness and appreciation of yourself or another human being is when you rub against a person’s body. This is the way cats have to greet and offer a cordial and strong hug.

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