5 signs of pain in the dog

When we see our best friends behaving strangely and think that they may be feeling some sort of pain or going through some uncomfortable situation, but we can not recognize the signs, it is a very unpleasant experience.

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Although dogs do not have the ability to speak, they have many other ways of communicating through their behavior to express their emotions, especially pain. It is our duty as caregivers of these very special animals, to learn to read these messages and to detect in time if something is happening to our beloved pet and if necessary we should go to the vet.

Do you have a dog and want to take care of it in the best way possible? In Animal Expert we made this article where you can learn what the signs of pain are in the dog , and in addition you can improve your knowledge about canine life.

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1. Arches too much

Bowing (deep breathing) is normal behavior in dogs, especially on those very hot days or when the ride was very intense. Breathing is a natural way for dogs to cool their bodies and lower their body temperature.

The problem is when this excessive gasping has no apparent reason, this can be one of the signs of pain in the dog. If you see that your dog is breathing abnormally, it may be a clear sign that he is not feeling well, that he is going through an episode of stress or fear due to some pain. You may be experiencing heat stroke , intoxication, or having a breathing problem.

2. Isolation

Dogs look much more like humans than we think. When a person does not feel well it is normal to isolate themselves or even there are people who, on the contrary, manifest their pain through aggression . So it is with dogs.

If your dog has some pain you may notice that it begins to show an antisocial dynamic, failing to greet you when you get home and avoiding any physical contact so much that it can even become aggressive. Always bear in mind that your puppy is not trying to hurt anyone or being unfriendly, it is his way of saying that something hurts him and that he prefers not to be touched.

3. Excessive licking

As with other daily routines, it is customary for dogs to feel the need to clean themselves. In fact, they really like licking and cleaning. What is not normal is that they are doing it all day in an obsessive way.

Analyze your dog’s behavior in this type of action when you are totally healthy and keep alert so you can compare at other times. He may be feeling some pain and to calm that pain he licks himself too much in an area where he previously did not. This is an action that you perform with the hope of clearing to heal the wound in question, even if it is internal. However, if you notice that you compulsively lick an open wound, be careful, you may be experiencing acral dermatitis by licking.

No appetite

The appetite, or in this case the lack of it, may be another of the signs of pain in the dog. Who wants to eat when they are sick? This is one of the primary reactions of the body when you have any pain or illness. This is not about your dog not wanting to eat, but it can be painful to walk to the plate of food. In that case, try to bring the feed closer to your bed.

If you do not eat and spend a lot of time without doing so, your dog may be suffering from some disease , which does not have to be serious, but one that needs to be evaluated in an appointment with the veterinarian. Some of the serious diseases that are detected through inappetence are: canine anorexia, kidney or liver problems, systemic infections, dental diseases and even cancer.

5. General changes in your behavior

Your pet has never been the typical barking dog or a dog “shut up” but lately barks too much, or on the contrary is almost always mute, in which case it may be warning you that something hurts you. It is very important to know your dog , its dynamics, personality, what it likes or not. This is the only way you can make the right comparisons to see if your best friend is experiencing an uncomfortable experience, if you have a wound or feel pain.

If you see that your dog is limping, or something much more subtle, for example, that does not want to climb the stairs or get the ball that he likes so much, this can also be a corporal signal of pain. Another body sign of pain happens when you keep your loin arched or are too tight . Often, dogs that feel ill lie on their sides with their legs stretched out. This may be different from the way your dog sleeps every night. There are several behaviors that can mean pain in the dog. Each behavior can be a warning.

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This article is purely informative, in YourCatCareguide.com.br we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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