10 signs of old age in the dog

If your best friend is over the age of 7 you will probably start to notice these 10 signs of old age in the dog in a while . These are basically factors that appear because of age. Getting to know them will help you better understand your dog and care for it as it deserves at this point in your life.

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If you notice some urine in less normal places or attitudes of disorientation, do not worry, they are age things. You should now learn to live with it and reorient your dog to make their lives more comfortable.

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1. Begin to fail the senses

Like people, with age the dogs begin to lose the firmness of their senses. Problems like deafness or blindness are common in older dogs. For this reason, we should start looking for new ways to communicate with the dog and offer a more gentle and careful treatment.

In these cases we must be aware and remember to put all your belongings (bed, toys, feeder)always in the same places so you do not feel confused and can move around quietly.

2. Some urinary problems appear

It is very common for older dogs to urinate at any time . We should not scold or punish them. Simply wipe the urine when it is not visible. To try to avoid this situation should offer you more regular rides but shorter not to get bored.

3. Develop degenerative diseases

Some degenerative diseases appear with age and usually cause discomfort and sadness in the dog. It is advisable to have the veterinarian advise you if you have a severe pain. However, it will be crucial to provide the dog with a comfortable bed where you can relax. These are some of the most common degenerative diseases :

Unfortunately, dogs are also likely to suffer from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s in dogs . This directly impacts on a change in behavior and on the appearance of strange and inconsistent behavior. Patience and affection will be fundamental.

Must know that dogs suffering from alxheimer may forget where their food is or where their owner is. Supervising it and ensuring your well-being should be a priority for you.

4. There are changes in the skin

There are many changes in dog hair that indicate that our best friend is approaching old age: white hair , calluses, or leg cushion problems are more common. It is important to tell our usual veterinarian the appearance of calluses or cracks in the cushions.

Drowsiness and tiredness

Older dogs need more rest than adults, tireless and active, so it will be important to let them rest quietly for as long as they need. You will begin to notice that you are less and less effusive in receiving you, but nevertheless you are very gentle and delicate when you are with you.

Some of these problems may be related to the pain that some illness may cause them.

We should know that older dogs should not be forced to exercise because this can cause damage to the muscles and bones. Discover some exercises for dogs with hip dysplasia .

6. Appearance of cavities and tartar

The dog’s teething is usually affected over time. For this, it will be important to clean the dog’s teeth regularly and provide you with oral hygiene snacks . Taking care of the dentition of the elderly dog ​​is very important so that you can continue to feed easily.

7. Peaceful and stable character

The character of the old dog is, simply, adorable . Over time his kisses are more delicate and closer, and his behavior is more calm and stable. Although you should start avoiding long walks and active exercise, you can continue to enjoy a playful and happy dog.

8. Weight changes

Older dogs usually undergo significant weight changes. We must stress the importance of having an appropriate weight and avoid obesity at all costs , since this will directly affect the appearance of some degenerative diseases. Discover how to prevent obesity in dogs .

Do not forget that at this stage you should make the switch to a senior action or +7 , a product focused on the specific needs of the animal at this stage. Do not hesitate to comment on these changes to your veterinarian.

9. Become more dependent

The dog understands that it undergoes important physical and mental changes and all this makes it more dependent on its family nucleus. We should support you and guide you to those stimuli that provide you with security and comfort .

10. Appearance of tumors

The appearance of tumors is common in dogs of advanced age . It will be very important to get the veterinarian as soon as possible as soon as they are detected. The specialist will indicate if it is a benign or malignant tumor and how we should proceed. It is very important to treat this problem as soon as possible.

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