Siberian Husky Hair Change

The Siberian Husky is a breed of dog that comes from places with the most radical climate on the planet: originally Siberia and later Alaska. It is a very ancient race that for decades evolved in Siberia under the rigorous parameters of the Chukchi tribe to adapt perfectly to the environment where it was created.

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In northeastern Siberia the temperatures are really low, falling below -50ºC. In addition, the wind increases the extreme cold that is felt. The Husky is perfectly equipped with one that protects it from both elements, just as it does from the rain.

However, in Siberia it is not only cold. During the heat stroke the thermometer can exceed 40ºC. Husky is also adapted to support this. In the YourCatCareguide we will inform you about the peculiarities of Husky hair and we will advise you how best to deal with the exchange of Siberian Husky hair .

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Hair change

The temperature variation from one season to the next is so great in Siberia that for this reason the Siberian Husky trades twice a year , instead of the annual exchange of the other breeds of dogs.

The first exchange occurs between spring and summer. The second during the period between autumn and winter. And between both seedlings is frequent to lose by lack of food, vitamins or allergies. The vet should monitor excess hair loss and find the causes.

Double Layer

Husky has two very different layers of hair . The lower layer is dense, silky and warm. It is the part that most protects the Siberian Husky from the cold. During the summer hair change this layer may even disappear. For this reason, we often have the feeling that the Siberian Husky varies the color of its fur.

The top layer of Husky’s fur is soft, shiny and thick, which protects it from wind, rain and snow. It is one that holds the warm air that Husky’s body produces and creates a comfortable thermal insulation from the outside cold. So it’s no wonder we see the Siberian Husky sleeping in the snow on the outside and snowing on them.

The Siberian summer

The Siberian heatwave is extremely hot and humid, although it is short. However, the nights are cold due to the permafrost, the underground part of the earth’s crust that is permanently frozen in those latitudes and that in its upper zone, in turn, becomes a puddle when thawing during the summer.

The Siberian Husky is perfectly adapted to the climate . Already lost much of the lower layer of your hair when you arrive in summer, allowing you to sleep in full sun at noon. The upper part of your hair protects you from the intense rays of the sun and cool your body.

It is for this reason that many people can enjoy the company of a Husky living in a hot climate.

Husky hair care in our home

We have already seen that the Siberian Husky fits smoothly at any temperature. However, your body continues to change hair twice a year. For this reason, we must brush our Husky daily if we wish to preserve its beautiful shine from its dense hair.

It does not take much time to do it, five minutes and the right tools will suffice for that work. A nice care for the dog and also for us if we like our pet. Learn more about Siberian Husky hair care by joining our article.

Necessary elements for the brushing of Husky

An important element is a towel where we will get the dead hair of our Husky. At his side should be a bag from the trash to put the hair that remained on the towel and thus prevent that hair from ending up fluttering throughout the house.

A key instrument will be a metal scraper . With it we can brush the hair of our dog in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair and quickly eliminate the dead hair. We should be careful not to scratch the skin of our dog. Although it is easier to injure the dog with a metal comb than with a rasqueadeira, since the very thickness of the metal bristles of the rasqueadeira prevents that they scratch the skin of the dog.

Lastly, we will need a long bristle plastic brush to brush the Siberian Husky in the direction of hair growth, once we have eliminated the dead hair with the scraper. It is convenient for the brush bristles to end with protective markers on their tip.

Veterinary Control

The Siberian Husky is a healthy dog ​​thanks to the excellent genetic inheritance achieved by the Chukchi tribe. However, the frequent hair fall from our Husky can mask some kind of vitamin deficiency, food or some allergy . For this reason, it is appropriate for our veterinarian to periodically check our dog.

An annual vet check, if the dog does not show symptoms of illness, the brief daily brushing and a little exercise will keep our Siberian Husky in shape. A loving and kind dog, excellent to live with children.

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