Siberian Husky Hair Care

The Siberian Husky is a very characteristic dog from Siberia (Russia), known for its great resemblance to the gray wolf and its excellent participation in the sled racing.

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If you still do not know this breed, just see a photo to see the impressive for what they have. Whether you are thinking about adopting a Siberian Husky, or if you are already lucky enough to share your life with one, it is very important to learn how to take care of your pet’s fur.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we tell you everything about the care of the hair of the Siberian Husky . As always with tricks and advice included.

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Siberian Husky Hair Type

To begin with, we must know that the Siberian Husky’s coat has two layers : one with an undercoat and the other with an outer one.

  • The inner layer of the hair is dense and smooth. Helps protect you from the cold and acts as an insulator thanks to its density. It is important to know that we can not give too much bathing to a Husky, otherwise the inner one may begin to lose its properties, including the layer of natural fat that protects it from certain allergic reactions.
  • The outer layer is smooth and also very pleasing to the touch. It is a medium length hair (neither short nor long) but equally dense, which gives Husky a soft look.

There are many members of the Perito Animal community who ask us about the fall of the Siberian Husky, remember that it is a problem that must be seen, although in general it occurs due to deficiencies in food that can be easily corrected.

Do you know that…?

One of the characteristics of the very funny Huskys behavior is that they are obsessed with cleaning such as cats. They themselves worry about cleaning themselves up, because they can not stand being dirty. You can devote hours to that.

How often should you bathe the Siberian Husky?

After knowing the type of hair and the obsession with cleaning that the Husky usually has, you should know how often you should bathe , as we have already mentioned an excess of hygiene can seriously harm your skin.

As with everything, the frequency of your dog’s bath will depend on the type of life you have, although you should adapt it to the concrete needs of this beautiful breed:

  • If your Husky dog ​​gets excessively dirty and constant, wager on cleaning with dry-cleaning wipes and shampoos (anti-allergy) to avoid over-bathing. You can shower him once a month.
  • If, otherwise, your Husky is cleaner and does not get dirty, we can give you a bath every month and a half even every two months. Always depending on how your hair looks and what indications a veterinarian can give you. This is because another of Husky’s characteristics is that it is a dog that has almost no body odor .
  • If your dog attends beauty canine exhibitions, it is normal to give him a bath one day before the event.

Remember that…

You should never bathe your dog with a shampoo for people or one that is not suitable for dogs. Bet on those specific to Siberian Husky, allergy sufferers (if you have to shower regularly) or indicated by the professional.

Never let the hair of your Siberian Husky dry itself, this could generate moisture and this could cause mold and mildew to appear. Use the dryer for a shiny, completely dry finish. You can also look for dry shampoos.

Siberian Husky Hair Brushing

The brushing of the hair of a dog is considered as a dry bath . Imagine how important it is to a dog like Husky. If we do not brush this breed, your hair will be with us and look very careless.

Our Husky does the breeding twice a year, so it does not mean that you do not miss it for the rest of the year. For the daily brushing of our Husky (do not forget to consult our article on the different brushes that exist) we will need the following:

  • Metal comb
  • Soft Scraper

How to brush a Husky step by step :

  1. Let’s start with the scraper brushing in the direction of the hair. With this first step we managed to remove all accumulated dead hair.
  2. Then we used the metal comb. We should go in an orderly fashion from the neck to the base of the tail. Be careful with the latter, it is the part you least like to be brushed.
  3. Have a smaller rocker for special areas such as paws, face or armpits. With the large size you will not be able to access these areas well.

How often should we brush our Husky?

At least we should brush it three times a week . But if you want to keep him from falling too much in the house, brush them more often.

As already mentioned, with the rasqueadeira we can remove the dead hair, so the more you brush it, the less you have to pass the vacuum cleaner. Remember to cut the hair that comes out between the pads of your dog’s paws with small scissors.

Do you know that…?

The health of your Husky puppy’s hair is also determined by its nutrition. If the food is not of good quality, your hair will resent it. There are foods rich in omega 3 and omega 6 or the egg that will brighten the hair in an amazing way. Also, do not abuse these products, only offer them once a week.

He must be very careful and never cut Husky’s hair without knowing what he is doing, thinking that this will help him to better withstand the heat. The outer layer of the hair is what allows you to keep it cool. Consult a canine cosmetic center and inquire.

Siberian Husky Hairstyles

Generally speaking we can say that Husky changes his hair twice a year . It usually coincides with the changes of season, being that it is usually from the passage from spring to summer and the other from autumn to winter.

The molting can also vary depending on whether we are talking about a male or a female. Females usually change their hair when they enter the heat, although this varies from animal to animal. When the Husky is changing the hair should be brushed every day .

It is also a good idea to match the days of bathing with the moulting season. With the water you will get more amount of dead hair.

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