Siamese Cat Features

Undoubtedly, the breed of Siamese cat is the most popular among Brazilians, and is also one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Her brown coat, muzzle and black ears with blue eyes attract attention not only for beauty, but also for the practicality of caring, as she is a breed that does not usually give much work in bathing and brushing, and is quite a companion.

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Here at YourCatCareguide we prepared this article for you who is in doubt if your cat is a Siamese or if you are thinking of adopting a kitten of this breed. Let’s explain everything about the characteristics of the Siamese Cat .

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Physical characteristics of the Siamese cat

The Siamese is a cat breed quite widespread throughout Brazil, and it is not rare to find errant cats with the physical characteristics of a Siamese.

This breed has physical characteristics of the short coat , and there are different types of colors , in shades of brownish beige, or cream color with the ends of the paws and tail dark brown, matching with the muzzle and ears also dark brown, forming a species of mask, which ends up emphasizing the blue eyes of almond and large outline, hence its beauty so characteristic, is considered to be a medium-sized cat.

The Siamese cat is also very well known for having a condition called strabismus , one of the most common diseases of Siamese cats , which are crossed eyes, giving the impression that the cat is squinting, but, among serious breeders, currently this condition is already considered as a genetic error, which breeders try not to propagate further for future litters.

There are other breeds of cats that have the same characteristics of coat color and blue eyesas the Siamese, such as the breed called Burmese Sacred, long coat, and which is often confused with Siamese and popularly known as Siamese with long hair. However, the breed of Siamese cats has no color variation, as do other breeds of cats that have different color patterns within the same breed, such as Maine Coon and Ragdoll (which also have color patterns similar to Siamese, among the most varied in the race itself).

The offspring of this breed are all born white and acquire the characteristic colors and coat conform grow, beginning in the second or third week of life, in which only the snout, tip of the ears, paws and tail darken first, until between 5 and 8 months old, the cat already has all the fur and definitive characteristics. An adult Siamese can weigh between 4 and 6kg.

The expectation of a Siamese cat is 20 years of age if he is neutered and has a quality life with periodic veterinary consultations and annual blood tests from the age of 7 in order to evaluate the cat’s renal function, because despite being a fairly resistant breed, kidney diseases are the most prevalent among individuals of this breed.

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Characteristics of the Pure Siamese Cat

The pure Siamese has a well tuned and elongated body , with equally elongated paws and tails and a triangular face. The mongrel Siamese, resulting from crosses with other SRD’s have a more robust and muscular body, and in general, have a smaller stature than purebred.

In mongrel Siamese, features such as strabismus, which are crossed eyes and fur with other colors and spots, for example, a Siamese that has gray or black spots on its coat, or a color similar to Siamese more drawn to shades of black , are mestizos. If you find some kitten abandoned on the street, it is most likely a mongrel Siamese, which contains genetic traits from pure Siamese, since it is a rather characteristic and strong gene, which is usually transmitted to several generations of walking cats over the years .

It is quite rare to find a pure and legitimate Siamese cat in the streets as it is a breed created for display purposes, and in general, whoever pays for a pure Siamese cat already receives the neutered animal, as well as not letting him wander the streets without supervision , since breeders know that a cat living on the streets is susceptible to contracting various diseases and parasites.

Siamese Cat Behavior

However, despite the differences between pure Siamese and mongrel Siamese, two characteristics are still striking between the two variants: the voice and the temperament.

Both the pure and the mestizo are very communicative, and they moan about anything . If he is happy, happy, angry, mia if he is awake, and mia when he wants food, then he is a great race for those people who like to talk with their animals and to be answered.

It is a race of temperament and behavior very close, and they are very attached to the family and the tutor, and it is not only because the owner feeds him, as many people think. Siamese is that cat on the lap and who likes to sleep in your head with you all night long and who follows you around the house no matter where you are, just to be close to your presence. Precisely for this reason, it is not a cat that likes to be alone, since they can feel depressed and upset without the presence of the owner for a long time.

Although they have a curious and exploratory spirit, they are not a very active cat , and like all cats, they sleep about 18 hours a day, but they need daily jokes and exercise to avoid obesity, which is increasingly common among Siamese.

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