Care of Siamese cats

If you decide to adopt a Siamese cat or you already have one, you should know that it is a cat with a long, strong and usually very healthy life that also grows at an unusual speed.

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Given that the life expectancy of a Siamese cat is around 20 years, we can say that they have a great average life expectancy. As cats at home and not wandering around the streets, as with other breeds of cats, they do not usually get common ailments among street cats.

Preserve your fantastic physical features with a good feed and you will see that the care of the Siamese cat is very simple. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and learn the proper care of Siamese cats correctly .

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Veterinary Control of the Siamese Cat

As soon as you adopt your little Siamese it is vital that you take him to a veterinarian to assess your health and confirm that you have no obvious physical or genetic change. If you do so right after you adopt it, you can complain to the seller in the event of a source disability.

The timing of vaccinations for up-to-date cats and periodic vet reviews are necessary for your Siamese to live safely and comfortably. Consulting the specialist every 6 months will suffice.

Siamese Cat Feeding

Depending on the age of the Siamese cat when you adopt it, you should give it one type of feed or another. The vet will give you the following food guidance .

Normally Siamese cats should not adopt before three months of life. In this way, through the coexistence with the mother and brothers will learn with them the good habits and will grow balanced. It is very important that you breastfeed naturally so that you are a very healthy cat afterwards.

At the beginning, they can be fed, after weaning, with fresh food and a balanced diet. They like sliced ​​chicken and turkey ham, but it’s important not to give them these foods by holding them between your toes, because eating them so willingly when you finish the ham will start on your appetizing chicken or turkey fingers.

During their adulthood they should provide them with quality ration, essential for a good development and a high quality of hair. Finally, in your senior phase, you should offer him senior food that will meet your need for old age.

Living with the Siamese cat

Siamese cats are quite intelligent , they are sociable animals that enjoy being in the company of other pets and humans.

Siamese cats can live with other pets, are not afraid of dogs and know how to deal with them to live well in their home. With humans they are very affectionate and sociable, always ready to receive caresses.

They are very clean and communicative , in 24 hours they learn to use the litter box correctly. When you lack water or food, do not hesitate to ask humans through meowing insistent. If you do not meet these needs immediately, they will not hesitate to look for you in your kitchen in any place beyond your reach, as they count on extraordinary agility.

This breed of cats likes to play with the children and patiently support any way they grab or move them.

Hair Care

Siamese cats have a dense, silky layer of short fur. It’s a good idea to brush them twice a week , doing it every day will take less than a minute to eliminate dead hair and your Siamese will feel loved and caressed. You should use a short cat brush.

To preserve the quality of the hair it is convenient that your Siamese cat consume foods rich in omega 3 . You should read against the composition of the ration and find that they are rich in this food. If you give them salmon or sardines, it is important that you do not give them raw. Boil these fish before offering them to your cat.

You should not shower them often, every month and a half or two will suffice. If you see that your Siamese cat hates the water, it may be good to try a few tricks to clean it without giving it a bath, such as using dry shampoo or wet baby wipes.

Beware of scolding them

Cats in general and the Siamese in particular do not realize if they scold them if they do not catch them with their hands in the dough, as they say.

An example: if you catch the cat scratching the corner of a sofa with your fingernails, even next to the scratcher that you had bought so as not to ruin the sofa, you should approach it from the site of the sofa that scratched and say “No! ” firm. So the cat will understand that you do not like it to destroy that side of the sofa. But you’re likely to think that, you’d prefer him to do it on the opposite side, as if to compensate for the look of the couch.

The important thing will be conservative intact that toys that trouce him and with so much effort he resists to scratch. So what you should do is teach him to use the scraper.

If you do not scold him the moment you’re doing something wrong, he’ll never understand why you’re yelling at him.

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