Should I have one or two cats at home?

The behavior of cats has nothing to do with the behavior of the dogs, and as a result of this difference, many myths have been diffused very far from the reality, for example that cats are ariscos, that do not need care or affection or that bring bad lucky when they are black.

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However when we talk about cats it is important to know them well, to understand that they are not as social as dogs that stress very easily when changes occur in their environment, since they live in harmony when they consider that they can have everything under control .

If you live with a feline for sure you already considered the possibility of having a second and at this point questioned whether you should have one or two cats at home . This question does not have a unique answer, so we will discuss it in this article by YourCatCareguide.

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If you want to have two cats, it is best to be from the beginning

If you decided to adopt a cat and bring it to your home, but after a while decided to increase the feline family, you should know that this is possible and there are many ways to get the two cats to fare well, however, this too carries some risks.

It is possible that the cat that is in your home from the beginning does not adapt properly to this change, showing signs of stress that may end up leading to aggressive behavior , which should know that they also have a solution. However, you may need to perform a good strategy of cat separation and progressive approach.

To be easier, the ideal is to adopt two kittens, preferably from the same family, because unlike dogs, cats are more susceptible to family ties having a better relationship between siblings.

In this way, both cats will become accustomed to each other’s presence from the beginning and will not have to have an adaptive response when another cat enters the house.

Do you have enough resources?

Two cats with the same space delimited by their human family, with the same feeder, water fountain and sandbox, will hardly be well, since each one must have its own space and feel that it can exert a total control over the same , otherwise the stress may appear.

It is important that the house has the appropriate dimensions to allow each cat to organize its territory, and place the accessories of one cat at a sufficient distance from the other cat.

Also suitable is a large room with an exit to the outside , since in this way the organization of the territory occurs more naturally.

Two cats are a good option

If conditions allow, having two cats in your home also has several advantages such as the following:

  • The two cats will feel more accompanied and less boring.
  • Each cat will help the other keep fit, as they will play together.
  • When two cats play together their predatory instinct is properly channeled, and this will lessen this feline behavior with the human family.

Of course, before making this decision it is important to think well, understanding that two cats require double the care, which comprises time, vaccination , food for veterinary consultations.

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