Caring for the little piggy of India

Do you have a short-haired Indian pig? He is very lucky if he has a rodent companion of this genre, since he needs less care than many members of his family, besides being a very intelligent and sweet pet.

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Still, in order to not compromise your health and ensure that you live happily for a long time in your new home, it is vital to follow some guidelines on care, hygiene, food and habitat. If you have questions about this topic, keep reading this article from ExpertAnimal and learn all about the care of the little piggy in India .

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The guinea pig as a pet

India’s short, smooth and smooth pigs correspond to different races such as the American Guinea Pig, Crested, Teddy or Rex, regardless of their lineage or coat length.

The piglet of India is a gregarious animal . This means that, in the wild, lives in colonies of several individuals, which reveals need for company and socialization. It is preferable to have a pair of female specimens, for example, to avoid fights.

If this is not possible, we recommend that you devote a lot of time and affection, since it is a sociable and sweet animal that will seek and recognize you. In order for your bond to be strengthened, you can offer food directly from your hand. If you want to get your piggy , do it properly by supporting the weight on the back of it. Never take him by the arms or neck.

Feeding of the piglet in India

the guinea pig is a 100% herbivorous rodent , so its diet should be based on fruits and vegetables . It is of great importance to provide hay hay (always available), as this will ensure an adequate intake of fibers.

In relation to fruits and vegetables, it is always necessary to choose those that contain more vitamin C , since this nutrient is essential for the animal (you can only get it through food). If you choose to feed it with guinea pigs’ feed, look for one that already contains the recommended doses of vitamin C.

What can we offer?

We recommend that you experiment with different foods and investigate which ones you like best. You can experiment with dandelion, lettuce, endive, arugula or peppers.

Fruits and vegetables should be offered twice a week, including apple, orange, banana and peach. Zucchini, tomato, broccoli and celery are also good choices.

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The space of the guinea pig

The guinea pig must have a space appropriate to its size, in this case a cage that should be at least 120 x 60 x 45 cm according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Inside the cage itself, the piglet in India must have a sleeping box, pellet-shaped toilet pellet, a bowl of food and a drinking fountain or water dispenser.

It is important to place the cage in a place where the temperature ranges between 18 ° C and 24 ° C and preferably always keep the cage indoors as the guinea pigs are extremely sensitive to cold.

Water should be changed every day and it is recommended that the cage be cleaned once a week. In addition to weekly cleaning, the cage should be thoroughly disinfected once a month. We must also ensure that your environment is clean, free of extreme temperatures as well as drafts and direct sunlight.

Health and care

The health of a piglet in India is usually very good if the guardian takes into account all the guidelines disclosed so far. However, it is essential that you be very attentive to parasites, as these animals tend to suffer infestations.

How do I know that my little pig in India is sick?

Generally, the first sign of disease of Guinea pig is the habit of hiding in a corner, showing a sad look. It is essential to take it to a veterinarian of exotic animals.

If you notice wounds on the animal, they can develop infections easily. Clean them with diluted betadine and, if they have gone too deep, go to a veterinarian without hesitation.

One of the most common problems in guinea pigs is tooth overgrowth and the only way to avoid it is to ensure that it always has hay of available quality (opt for a greener, wider hay).

Another problem of guinea pigs is usually stress, especially at the moment you gain a new guardian. You should avoid noise, aggressive companions and poor diets to avoid this problem.

What do you need my little pig from India?

The guinea pig needs exercise to avoid problems like obesity. For this, it can make available a series of routes where you can exercise. If this is not possible, you can let him loose by the house or garden whenever you can watch what he is doing.

If your piggy is very dirty it is important that you wash it with warm water and baby soap. However, short-haired guineas usually do not need it. Dry it with a towel and never with a drier.

In addition, the little pig of India should be brushed with a very soft and small brush, thus eliminating the dead hair and ensuring extra shine.

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