Brushes for cats with short hair

Ever wondered, what is the best short-haired cat brush? Brushing a cat is a necessary routine for your cat and yourself, who as owner, improves your relationship and guarantees your friendship. In this animal beauty section we talk about short hair cat brushes as well as offering helpful advice that cat owners should know about.

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Keep reading to know all the short hair cat brushes in this article by Expert Animal and will greatly improve the quality of your cat’s hair following some recommendations.

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Why It’s Important To Brush A Short Haired Cat

Many people believe that short-haired cats do not need to be brushed, a serious mistake, because as it may seem that their fur is easy to maintain, they need extra care to eliminate dead hair, avoid hairballs on the stomach and makes the coat look much more beautiful.

In addition to this, brushing your cat regularly stimulates you physically, improves your physical contact and allows you to relax for a while.

Short Toothbrush

Brushes that have short teeth are ideal for brushing short-haired cats because they do not hurt them at all. We recommend that you look in your usual shop for those with a rounded tooth and preferably plastic ones, which are much better!

Brushing glove

This is a good option if your cat does not like the idea of ​​being brushed. At petshops you willfind many types of gloves to brush and are ideal for short haired cats.

Double-sided brush

Double -sided brushes are also a good tool for short-haired cats and on one side we use the bristles in a conventional way and on the other we use to brighten, remove the dust and remove dirt from the surface of the hair.

How to brush a cat with short hair

Although brushing a cat with short hair seems very simple the right is that following some tips can achieve a much better result :

  1. To begin with you can help with your hands by rubbing your hair a little gently, this way, when brushing we can reach more at and it will be more airy.
  2. Take the brush and comb your cat in the opposite direction of the hair to eliminate all dead hair. It may be that your little friend does not like it very much so give him a treat and talk affectionately to improve the situation.
  3. Finally, comb the hair so that it returns to its normal position

Do not forget to brush all areas of the body including the belly, paws, thighs, etc. You can create a pleasant and relaxed environment by combining the moment of combing with head massages, for example.

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