American and German Rottweiler – Differences and Characteristics of Each

The Rottweiler is a breed from Germany , although its origins go back to the distant Roman Empire. He is an imposing animal who has long been trained as a shepherd or as a guardian. He is currently an excellent companion dog.

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If you are thinking of adopting an animal of this breed, at some point you will face the controversy that exists on the German and American varieties. Are There Different Types Of Rottweiler Or Is It Just A Myth? Continue reading this article by YourCatCareguide to know all about the American and German rottweiler, their main differences and the characteristics of each .

Characteristics of pure rottweiler

The current appearance of the Rottweiler comes from the breed variety that was perfected during the 19th century. Initially it was destined for grazing and, during the First World War, it served as a police dog.

It is a solid, muscular and compact body race that reaches an average weight of 45 kilos. Despite their appearance and weight, they have the agility typical of shepherd dogs. These dogs have lots of energy and love physical exercise.

The coat is short and in shades that combine black with reddish brown. As for personality, this breed is quite intelligent, which makes it very independent. However, this will not be a problem when it comes to training, as the Rottweiler develops a strong bond with family members. It is also characterized by being protective and loyal.

All this, speaking of general characteristics. For a long time, there has been a controversy over the Rottweiler born and raised outside Germany. To such an extent that varieties like the American and German compete for the position of favorite among the fans of this race. That is why, if you want to learn how to differentiate them, we have gathered below the differences and characteristics of each one.

Rotweiller German – Features

The German rottweiler is not only the one born in the Germanic territory, but everyone who meets the strict parameters that determine the purity of the breed. Are you wondering who sets these parameters? Since the year 1921 there is the ADRK or Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub , the German club in charge of preserving the purity of this breed.

The ADRK is highly strict with respect to breeding of the rottweiler. In Germany, only the cross of parents whose genealogical tree has been carefully studied is allowed, in order to avoid variations in the characteristics of the breed.

According to the standards that establish this association, the male rottweiler, from the smallest to the giant, should measure between 61 and 68 centimeters, with an ideal weight of 50 kilos; while females should measure between 52 and 62 centimeters, with an ideal weight of 43 kilograms.

The tail is long and the muzzle short, with a sturdy body, compact and massive, shorter than the American. For a rottweiler to be considered “pure” German, it must present these characteristics. In addition, the ADRK is responsible for carrying out its investigations to grant or not the pedigree certificate, which credits it as a specimen of rottweiler without mixing with other breeds.

Find out more about the standard of rottweiler according to ADRK.

American Rotteiler – Features

At this point, we enter the field of controversy, as many people claim that the American rottweiler does not really exist as a separate variety, while others say it is a branch of the breed with clear and definite particularities.

Thus, the American rottweiler would outnumber German. Not only because of its height that can reach 68 or 69 centimeters, but also it is known that many individuals reach up to 80 kilos of weight.

The American is characterized by its short tail and long muzzle. Although strong and large, it has a very stylized body. However does this mean that there really is a sub-breed Rottweiler?

In fact, for many experts the difference between German and American lies mainly in the birthplace and the different controls (or lack thereof) that are implemented at the time of creation. In the United States there is no club in charge of monitoring the breeding of these dogs, which leads to breeding with other breeds and the propagation of the genes of those individuals that do not meet ADRK pattern characteristics.

In addition, the short tail has to do with the mutilation of the same, opted by many creators. Fortunately, this procedure is not practiced in Germany, since it has been banned in many European countries, considered as an unnecessary and cruel act.

Similarly, the gigantic size and weight of the American, sometimes double the size of German, is due to the fact that Americans generally prefer to pair the larger pups of the litters by propagating these measures, distancing themselves from the patterns normal.

If you are considering adopting a Rottweiler or if you already have one, remember that it is considered a potentially dangerous dog in different countries, and that your possession requires liability insurance and the use of muzzle in public spaces. Do not forget to check these details before adoption.

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