Is rosemary good for dogs?

Rosemary officinalis , Rosemary officinalis , is an endemic aromatic plant of the Mediterranean very popular for its culinary, medicinal and therapeutic uses. Perhaps for this reason many people think of including it also in the feeding of their dogs, questioning before if the rosemary is or not toxic for the Pets.

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In fact, rosemary is good for a dog , having many positive effects on his body. In this article by YourCatCareguide, we will cover the benefits of natural rosemary, as well as the use of rosemary alcohol in the skin. Keep reading!

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Benefits and Properties of Rosemary for Dog

Rosemary can be used in the preparation of homemade recipes for dogs because, besides being good and accepted with ease, it contains vitamin C and essential oils like eucalyptol, borneol and camphor, among others. It also contains rosmarinic acid which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an essential ingredient for those who make diets for puppies daily.

All these properties that the rosemary contains directly benefit the dog’s organism, improving its digestive system, regenerating the liver, favoring the expulsion of gases and urine, as well as calming the dogs suffering from spasms or convulsions.

Uses of rosemary alcohol for dogs

Rosemary alcohol is an exceptional blend for external use that can benefit your puppy in many ways. It is an excellent home remedy for osteoarthritis , as well as for dogs suffering from contractures or rheumatism .

We can apply it with gentle massages , directly on the dog’s dermis, especially in areas with little hair, such as paws, very affected when suffering from degenerative diseases. However, its application can be more effective and easy on short or very short dogs.

Uses of rosemary water for dogs

We also highlight the use of rosemary water as one of the most popular home remedies against fleas , although it may also help control the presence of scabies or mites if it is not a severe infestation.

Rosemary has camphor, an analgesic and slightly antiseptic chemical that helps to disinfect the bites and small wounds caused by the scratching, as well as relieve disorders that the dog can feel. We also emphasize that rosemary water has antimicrobial properties that help control the growth of fungi, bacteria and parasites in general.

Do not forget that if the presence of parasites in the dog is general, you should use powerful and more effective antiparasitic products to eliminate most of the infestation. In the same way, in the presence of serious wounds, you should consult a veterinarian so that the treatment does not cause pain and discomfort.

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