Recommendations for traveling by car with a cat

During the life of your cat, you will need to travel by car with him on many occasions: traveling, visiting the vet, leaving the cat with a friend, etc.

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What is certain is that cats do not like to get out of their habitat and tend to stress and have a hard time. Discover recommendations for traveling by car with a YourCatCareguide cat .

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Accommodating your cat since puppy

This is advice that can be applied to almost all animals , although it is clear that in some cases it is impossible since they have already adopted adults. Even so, the tutor should not give up, educating a pet may be more difficult at this stage, but it is equally necessary.

Cats do not support changes well at all. Being transported in a small cabin that moves and under which they have no control, it is an extreme stress producing agent . However, if your cat is still baby, you can use a few tricks to accustom him, since it is easier to deal with him.

Follow these steps:

  1. Place the puppy on the carrier , trying to make it comfortable.
  2. Put it in the car and drive just 5 minutes without getting anywhere in particular.
  3. Before you let the cat out, reward him with treats.
  4. Repeat the procedure a few times trying to make the trip relaxed and peaceful. That way, it will prevent you from linking the car transport with the visit to the veterinarian.

Tips for Traveling by Car with Cats

Trying to accustom the cats since they are young is a good option. However, if you do not have this possibility or if the task is not easy, following these guidelines can help:

  • Avoid giving food to your cat two hours before traveling . If the cat has an empty stomach before starting the trip, we will prevent the stomach from being disturbed and dizziness or vomiting during the trip. It aggravates your stress.
  • Use a secure, fixed carrier. If the cat travels safely and does not move, it will prevent dizziness, malaise or escape by the vehicle that could cause accidents.

  • The cat does not leave the carrier during the journey. We recommend that you try not to remove the cat from the carrier if you stop. If you urge the animal to leave unconcernedly and he or she accesses it or if you pull it on the leash, be aware that they are animals that are not accustomed to walking down the street. You can let it out to stretch your legs, but be careful if you are in a vehicle area. Whenever he behaves well, offer a reward.
  • Provide food, water and be attentive to your needs. If you are going to make a very long trip, we recommend that you stop once an hour approximately, and offer some water. You can take a box with sand in the car and let it out to do your needs. It is only recommended to give your cat food if he does not vomit on trips.
  • Affection and fun. A good trip includes fun. In order for your cat to be more receptive to travel, we recommend that you give him some caresses from time to time, reward him for his good behavior and pay attention. Put his favorite toy and a soft floor at his disposal.

Serious cases

If the trip with your cat is a real nightmare because he vomits and suffers , the best advice we can give is to consult your veterinarian . He may prescribe some medicine that will help you to calm down.

Do not force your cat into an extremely uncomfortable situation, seek help from professionals and educators who can advise a solution to these serious cases.

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