10 reasons to walk with your dog

The dog is an animal that needs to walk 2 to 3 times a day, but do you know why it is so? In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain why it is so important to walk with your dog, because the garden does not replace the ride and many other things that, perhaps unknown.

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Do not forget that this is a very important habit that you must carry out daily. Failure to do so can be very damaging to your pet, do not forget that. Keep reading and discover 10 reasons to walk your dog .

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1. To make your needs

The first and most important reason to take a dog for a walk is to allow him to do his needsuntil he is satisfied.

With the exception of the puppies that still can not go out or are still learning to urinate, it is not very good to allow the dog to urinate and crave at home. In addition to causing bad smell, it will create a harmful environment that can lead to serious health problems for dogs and humans.

2. It allows them to continue to socialize

Socialization is the process through which our dog learns to relate to other dogs, people and the different environments and objects. Although a puppy initiates socialization as a puppy, it will continue to be important in adulthood to relate correctly to everything we have said before to avoid fears, aggression or inappropriate behavior.

Find out more about dog socialization in this YourCatCareguide article.

3. They can smell, a way to relieve stress

The third of 10 reasons to walk your dog is more important than you believe. Letting your dog smell will provide you with well-being and relieves your stress . Do you know why?

Although many people believe that smelling urine is something unpleasant, if the dog has correctly followed its vaccination schedule we should not worry about anything. It is a natural behavior that helps them to orientate, to meet other dogs that live in their zone and that in addition to provide them relaxation. Let your dog smell.

4. Exercise

Unlike older dogs, dogs with problems in their joints and developing puppies, it is very important that the dog exercises the appropriate time according to his needs. This will help you sleep better, relieve anxiety and be a happy dog ​​without deprivation. There are many types of exercises for adult dogs that can include it also to themselves or just to it.

For a dog to be happy he should enjoy at least 5 minutes without a guide daily.

5. Mark your territory

Dogs mark their territory to communicate with other dogs without being present . The smell of urine is unique and specific to each dog and conveys much more than we come to think of. A female can tell other males that she is in heat and any dog ​​may be telling others that this is their space and that they should not invade it.

6. Need to explore

Dogs are curious and adventurous animals . Going out on the street gives them endless different stimuli that make them feel entertained by following traces or discovering new things. A simple plant can be a reason for study, prove it! Any different situation that can offer you will improve and much the quality of the ride for your dog.

7. Improve the relationship with their owners

Another of the 10 reasons to walk with your dog is that walking improves your relationship with you. For the dogs strolling is one of their favorite times of the day . Taking you for a walk makes you like yourself even more and get emotional every time you put the leash and harness on you. A dog that walks is a happy dog ​​and more so if you take him, your favorite human.

8. Receive vitamins from the sun

If you did not know why dogs like sunbathing, now you know a little more. The great star provides the dogs with vitamin D, promotes the production of serotonin and improves sleep. It also relieves joint pain that older dogs can suffer. Taking you for a walk will help you get the sun’s rays.

Have a lot of fun!

For dogs, the ride is a synonym of fun and joy , something that gives them happiness, which is why it is very important to go for a walk with your dog full of positivity. Take music with you or enjoy the benefits of exercising a bit more, it will feel a lot happier.

If you are unable to walk your dog as often as necessary, hire a Dog Walker service .

10. It’s your time of day

To finish with the 10 reasons to walk with your dog we will mention something very important: the walk is the time of day that should be solely and exclusively for the dog. Avoid practicing obedience every minute, taking your lead or trying to be watchful all the time . It is the most important moment for him and should be focused exclusively on his well-being. Let him enjoy!

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