5 reasons to adopt a cat

Adopting a cat is a good decision if you want to have a clean, affectionate, fun and independent pet . A pet that will rob you little time with your maintenance and whose spending of food is affordable for most people.

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In addition, your adoption will be completely free if you resort to an animal shelter and adopt an adult cat. Often there are individuals who offer the puppies that their cats have had.

Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and discover 5 reasons to adopt a cat .

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1. They are useful

Cats are great rodent hunters . In the rural environment where it is normal to exist rats and even rats, animals that sometimes are quite unwanted.

Rodent feces and fleas can cause serious diseases and various contaminations, as can bites and scratches that can infect us with anger. A cat or two is the perfect army for any rodent invasion.

The first reason to endow a cat in this case is because they can be very helpful in chasing away unwanted tenants. However you may have some displeasure to find that the cat and the mouse have become best friends, like those in the picture.

2. Adapt to any home

Even in a small apartment, the cat accommodates itself in any corner and does not provoke gives the same work as other pets. No need to walk or evacuate your needs outside the home.

As we know, rain or shine, dogs need to do their physiological needs abroad. That is, the second reason to adopt a garo is the most comfortable coexistence .

3. Have emotional independence

Emotionally cats are not as complex as other pets. Among dogs, for example, there are breeds with a very strong sense of group, and being alone at home is a terrible thing because they sit on the fringes of your group when the people of your home go out to work.

Most cat breeds do not suffer this kind of stress, do not feel abandoned . Some dog breeds are very likely to suffer from this feeling of abandonment. The German shepherd and the boxer are examples of races that hate being alone.

The Afghan Hound is the opposite example. If they go to work, they take a nap for four or five hours without any problems. A third ration to adopt a cat is that it is fairly easy to make him happy .

4. Excellent self-control food

Another great advantage that cats have in front of any other pet is that they self-control the intake of their feed. You can leave for a week or 10 days (we are not advised to do this at all), but if you leave enough sand, water and ration in several containers, returning home will find everything in order. Always try to avoid this situation, but if you do not have another option, it is always better to leave two cats than one alone. In this way they are not playing with each other.

In the case of dogs, in addition to the subject of physiological needs, if they were left enough food for a week, they would eat in just three days. This is because they can not do it in just one day, although they can certainly try it. Dogs eat until they burst, which cats do not. They eat to satisfy hunger and that’s enough. Only with certain foods like ham, or whatever they like, would they be able to commit a small excess.

The fourth reason for adopting a cat is that it gives you more freedom (weekends and trips).

5. The affection

Few animals know how to show their affection as cats. In this chapter the dogs also have very good note, since they are very affectionate. Parrots, fish, rabbits, and a multitude of other pets are not able to interact and show with great intensity the affection towards the humans of their familiar surroundings as dogs and cats do daily. The fifth good reason to adopt a cat is that you can get to thrill with both displays of affection and affection.

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