10 breeds of long-haired cats

There are several breeds of long-haired cats, while at the same time we find very beautiful mongrel felines. Long hair is something that captivates many people, and it’s not for less! The wonderful effect of the hair is fascinating. Today we will show you ten varieties of felines whose fur is very long.

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All these extraordinary breeds require frequent brushing and more specific care than their shorter counterparts. But they are cares that are given with affection, because they are constantly showing us their affection.

Then in this article from YourCatCareguide we will show you the 10 breeds of long -haired cats .

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1. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat is a large cat and of American origin. Their weight in adult males can reach 11 kg, except for cases of obesity that reached up to 20 kg. Females are smaller. The Maine Coon cat has a dense and smooth long coat with a wide variety of colors .

It is one of the most affectionate, affable and intelligent races. Enjoy a family environment and children. A peculiarity of the Maine Coon is that it likes water and bathing. He is a good swimmer and often lives with other pets. It is quite lazy and eats a lot, so you should control your hair. Find out more about Maine Coon care in our article.

2. Angora

Angora cats are a very old breed from Turkey. They have long silky hair. It can have several colors, but the most appreciated (to be considered the most pure and prototypical), are whiteand with eyes with heterochromia ( one eye of each color ).

They are very intelligent cats who can learn various orders and obey them. They like to live with one or two people at most, since they need peace and tranquility. They are affectionate, but they do not like to be over tossed. Likes to climb to the highest places of the house and to remain there contemplating things calmly.

Follow your owner wherever you go. However, we must point out that not always like other pets, the Angora cat prefers to feel like the most important of the house.


The Persian cat is a breed from ancient Persia (present-day Iran), are cats of aristocratic humor. These beautiful felines are of medium size, being able to weigh up to 6 kg.

Its fur is extremely long and with a wide variety of solid colors or glossy touches. The morphology is the same among the different types of color, except for the variety Chinchilla that is a little smaller than the rest. The length of her hair, her flat face and short, round hairy tail make her look fluffy.

They are intelligent, shy and lazy . They sleep a lot and take the sofa. They can live without enthusiasm with other pets. From his fur should periodically occupy a professional, since as you will see in the Persian cat’s hair care , he has one that needs dedication.

4. Himalayan

In its origins the Himalayan cat was a cross between Persian and Siamese cats. Its weight is around 5 kg. The characteristics of his hair are identical to those of the Persian: long, thick and soft.

It is in his face where the Persian cat differs more and the Siamese genetics of its origins appears, since it has blue eyes and the dark mask in the face and ears, typical of Siamese cats. The care of the Himalayan cat is very simple.

It has a very familiar, serene and affectionate character . Has high intelligence and lives well with other pets.

5. Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a direct descendant of the great Nordic wild cats that the Vikings had on their boats, with the task of controlling the rats that lived on these wooden ships.

This breed of cat is large, its weight around 7-9 kg. He has a vivacious and amiabletemperament . It is very strong and fast, being unwise to have it in an apartment. It is a pet that lives best on farms or in houses with large gardens. In the latter circumstances you can live with other pets.

6. Sacred of Burma

The Sacred Cat of Burma is an excellent breed of semi-long hair. It resembles a kind of cross between a Siamese and a Persian. With a body with long, silky and shiny hair.

It is a large cat of 7 to 8 kg. Its morphology resembles the Siamese, but larger, massive and hairy. His hair is not as thick and long as the Persian cat, and his neck is taller. Its beautiful face is totally similar to the furrier Siamese. It may have a similar color range to the Siamese, but with a unique characteristic: its legs should be “paved” with white socks.

It is a very intelligent race , active and sociable . He does not like being alone and is kind to the family he lives with. Accepts the company of other pets well. It is very precocious sexually. Females can reproduce from 7 months and males from 9 months.

7. Somali

The Somali cat is similar to the Abyssinian cat, but unlike the latter its fur is semi-long. The Abyssinian cat is short-haired. It is not a big cat, it can weigh 4 or 5 kg. Females are smaller. The range of colors ranges from reddish-brown to cinnamon. The texture of her hair is dense and silky.

They are very agile cats with a rebellious character, since their temperament is identical to the one of a cub, even in the adult age. Which means they will be # 1 enemies for drapes and sofas. They like to climb and are very active, especially females. Well tolerated other pets. They are affectionate, sweet and always seek caresses.

It is advisable to have a garden or terrace to develop your muscles and do the activity they need.

8. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat is a cat that has come from the United States since the 60’s. It is a large cat that can weigh up to 9 kg, the smaller size of the female. They have long or semi-long hair. His physical appearance resembles that of a European cat crossed with a Siamese, but more identical in its face and structure to the European. It has very soft hair , but thanks to its great quality does not usually do us.

The main characteristic of Ragdoll cat is that when we take it in the lap, the animal completely relaxes. Given the weight of the animal it is not advisable to hold it standing up. The Ragdoll cat only mia and when it does is in a very weak voice, barely audible.

This is probably the most meek race of all. It is a home cat, very clean and loving. He is intelligent and very fond of the company of children and grandparents. Show yourself passive and withdrawn with other pets, letting yourself be dominated by them.

9. Balinese

The Balinese cat , coming from the United States, was officially recognized as a breed in 1960. Siamese were crossed with long-tailed breeds to achieve a race structurally similar to the Siamese , but with the longest and silky fur.

Its weight is 5 to 6 kg. Its physical characteristics are identical to a modern Siamese: head triangles, large V ears and blue eyes ripped typical of the modern Siamese.

A characteristic race itself is that it is very loyal to its owner , but is not overly familiar. Usually ignores the remaining inhabitants of the house, concentrating their affection and attention on only one person. However, being calm, patient and gentle, he politely admits the rest of the family and lets himself be pampered. Likes to get along with other pet and is patient with children.

The color of their fur is similar to the colors of the Siamese, but of a superior length, density and silkiness.

10. American Curl

The American Curl cat is an infrequent breed. Its main characteristic is the strange disposition of its ears that bend backwards . It is a very recent breed that was originated by spontaneous mutation in the year 1981 in California. In 1983 they began to participate in competitions.

This cat has long, but slightly dense hair, which causes it to flatten on the body without getting straight as it is very soft. If it were not for his particular ears, it would look like a long-haired European cat. Usually your eyes are yellow, green or blue. The range of colors of your hair is very extensive.

The American Curl is an intelligent, social, familiar and curious race . Likes to live with people, showing affection. Be friendly with other pets.

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