The Belier rabbit possesses a great diversity of names like Mini Lop or the rabbit of fallen ears, since its covered ears emphasize it like a unique and distinguished exemplar. Its scientific name is Oryctolagus Cuniculus .

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There are two theories about the origin of this rabbit. Some people claim that they descend from the rabbits of Flanders, while others point to a French origin mentioned in 19th century rabbit books.

  • Europe
  • France

Physical appearance

The Belier rabbit has a large and bulky head, famous for its long ears that descend on both sides. Early in life, the ears are erect, falling slowly as the rabbit grows. It is a medium-sized rabbit, weighing between 5 and 7 kg.

In addition to being slightly smaller, females have cheeks that do not exist in the case of males.

We can find rabbits from a wide range of colors including white, gray or brown, for example. In addition, depending on the country of breeding, they may present a few different physical characteristics, thus composing several types of Belier rabbit :

  • Belier French – stands out for its weight and wingspan and its ears are especially great.
  • Belier English – The ears of this Belier lineage are very large in proportion to their body, measuring between 55 and 64 cm.
  • Belier Dutch – It is quite small and usually does not exceed 2 kg.
  • Belier or Lop German – A little larger than the Dutch Belier, although it is a small rabbit.
  • Belier or Lop of Kashmir – Your hair is particularly soft and a bit long.
  • Belier or Lion Lop – Very hairy and exotic.


Usually we speak of a docile and calm lagomorph . Unlike other rabbit breeds, this is a particularly sweet and gentle specimen. It is suitable for homes where there is harmony and tranquility, since the Belier rabbit loves rest and comfort, even inside an apartment or house.

If you have other pets in your home, take special care to avoid conflicts. You can try promoting rum good environment and for this you can find articles on the coexistence between cats and rabbits that will be very useful.


The rabbit care are essential for proper development. The Belier rabbit must have a large cage, as well as a large space to run and play , and it is very important that you exercise your muscles. Do not forget that you should watch the rabbit whenever it is on the ground, as it may gnaw on some dangerous cable or object.

Put wood chips or sawdust, materials that absorb urine well. You should also have something to chew in order to prevent abnormal growth of your teeth, feeder, drinking fountain and a nest to hide during the night. Provide a temperate climate environment without sudden temperature changes. Find out what the specific care of the Belier rabbit is .

Although frequency depends on breed, the Belier rabbit needs regular brushing to keep its coat free of tangles, dirt and dead hair. It is not necessary to give him a bath, since they even do their hygiene. If you find dirt, you can wipe a baby wipe around the area.

If your rabbit does not exercise enough, it can suffer from growing your nails, which should be cut from time to time. If you do not know how to, ask your veterinarian to explain how you can do it at home.

Lastly, you should know that cleaning the rabbit cage is very important, since staying too close to the urine can increase the risk of infections or fungi.


Belier rabbits love to eat. For this reason, it is essential to correctly calculate the quality of food necessary to prevent obesity (you can do this by checking the package directions). This amount should still be divided into three meals a day, which favors digestion.

You should also obviously have plenty of fresh, clean water at your fingertips, which is available throughout the day. We recommend the typical cage drinkers for large lagomorph rodents, since the bowls are easy to turn and gain dirt faster.

Stay informed about feeding the rabbit to know what you need at each specific stage of your life.


The Belier rabbit usually lives on average between 8 and 10 years. However, the life expectancy of a rabbit depends on several factors such as food, care or absence of disease.

We recommend that you prevent all types of diseases by consulting the veterinarian and administering the necessary vaccines to create immunity against certain viruses. Even if your rabbit does not leave the house, it can be infected with bacteria or residues present in your clothes, for example. The following are the most common diseases that can affect your Belier rabbit:

  • Scabies: It consists of a type of mite that directly attacks the skin of your pet. It is difficult for the rabbit to develop scabies if it resides in the house, so go to the veterinarian if you notice any symptoms for the animal to be dewormed.
  • Red urine: Generally, it is caused by a deficit in food. See if he eats fruits and vegetables. If he eats, he may have developed a urinary tract infection.
  • Coccidiosis : It is caused by microorganisms called Coccidiosis, a parasite that is easily spread through infected feces. Causes severe diarrhea and dehydration. Call your vet because you can treat the problem if you act quickly.
  • Pneumonia: Generally, it arises in cold times of the year. It may also appear if your pet is exposed to drafts. If it does not provide extra care, the rabbit may worsen.
  • Calluses : They are produced by the physical inactivity of the rabbit. It is particularly common when you spend too much time inside the cage, especially on the hind legs.
  • Abnormal growth of teeth: It is common when the rabbit does not have access to fodder or other elements that can bite, as it would in nature.

Do not forget that if you have decided to adopt a rabbit , it is very important that you give it a good name 

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