Which is the strongest dog in the world?

It’s hard to choose just one dog as the strongest dog in the world. There are several characteristics that give strength to a dog, such as its wingspan and its bite.

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Despite the strength a dog may have, it should never be used to fight. We must educate them from puppies with positive reinforcement and offer them all the love and care they deserve. A dog is as dangerous as its owner wants, so even in spite of its strength, it does not have to be aggressive or dangerous dogs .

If you want to know which is the strongest dog in the world keep reading this article of the Animal Expert.

The strongest dog by weight and size

A dog’s corpulence is a key factor in measuring strength. The bigger and heavier it is, the stronger it should be. The heaviest dog in the world is the English mastiff , whose weight reaches or even exceeds 100 kilograms.

There are other breeds of dogs that can also reach 100 kilograms, like the Japanese cough, but they are isolated specimens and their average real weight is a little lower. In addition to being large dogs, English mastiffs are strong dogs with a prominent head and jaw that simply impresses.

The strongest dog after the bite

Beyond the wingspan and corpulence, when deciding which dog is the strongest in the world the strength of the bite is also a key factor . In this sense two breeds can be established whose bites are really strong:

  • The mastiff: all sub-races that make up the mastiff family have a very strong bite, although some more than others.
  • Rottweiler : This breed has a very powerful head, jaw and neck that make your bite have tremendous strength. so much so that it equals the mastic.

The strongest dog in the world, the Turkish Kangal

If we join these two characteristics our bet goes to the Turkish kangal as the strongest dog in the world. It is a breed of molosso that comes from a cross with English mastiff .

It can weigh up to 100 kilograms and your head and jaw are really large, which makes it have incredible bite force. It is a somewhat wild dog that worked for several generations to guard the herds of wolves and strangers and at the same time it is a very quiet and familiar dog, so if you are educated since the puppy is an ideal dog for a family , whether or not they have children.

Do you agree with our choice? Which is the strongest dog in the world at your discretion? Tell us via the comments of this article!

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