Positions of sleeping dogs – what do they mean?

Probably you already know perfectly the favorite postures that your puppy uses when it comes to resting. But what do the positions of the sleeping dogs mean? In this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you the most common sleeping forms of dogs and their possible meaning.

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You should remember that puppy sleep is imperative for their well-being. Therefore, you should respect every moment that he is resting, that is, do not bother him! Continue reading this article and find out more about the positions of the dogs and see pictures of funny sleeping dogs!

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1. Dog sleeping belly up

This posture is very funny. Sometimes we even wonder if the dog is really comfortable sleeping like this. By exposing the most vulnerable parts, the dog unconsciously expresses his well-being and lack of concern . It can also be used by nervous or excited dogs. Puppies that feel very comfortable where they are, usually adopt this position.

2. The ball – why does the dog sleep curled up?

This position is ternurenta for any animal lover. We can observe the puppy in the shape of a sheep and, at times, even rolled up in its own tail. It is especially common in puppies , but also in adult dogs that like to nest. When it is very cold, it is very common for dogs to adopt this position to maintain their body temperature .

3. Dog sleeping belly-down

This position is very characteristic of puppies puppies . Usually, we can observe the dog adopting this posture after an intense physical activity , as if it fell surrendered of belly down.

In addition, this position is very common in brachycephalic dogs , which use it to breathe better and to cool the body directly in contact with the ground. Some examples are the French bulldog , the pug, the English bulldog …


This is one of the best positions that the dog can adopt to sleep since it allows him to be very comfortable and to relax completely . It means that the dog feels comfortable and comfortable with everything that surrounds it. In addition, this posture allows them to reach deeper (and more restorative) sleep stages.

5. Conventional posture

This posture combines the “belly down” and “the ball” and is especially frequent in short rest periods . Usually, dogs adopt this position when they are relaxed and alert at the same time. For example, when you are alone at home or after eating.

Other positions

There are many positions that dogs can adopt while they sleep, including some dogs that move during sleep. It is important to emphasize that not all positions have a concrete meaning, since each dog finds the “posture” ideal for him and that he usually repeats daily.

Dog Sleep Hours

The hours of sleep are are very important for the dog, as they allow you to recharge energy, assimilating everything you learned during the day and offer the well-being it needs. That is why it is imperative that you let your dog rest, especially if we are talking about a puppy. Stopping a puppy’s sleep may lead to anxiety, learning problems, lack of physical activity, or long-term behavior problems.

You should ensure that your puppy sleeps the necessary hours and that his sleep time is not affected by people’s noises or movements. Thus, it is recommended that he have a bed in a quiet and secluded place for him to rest without interruption.

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