Preparing the house for the arrival of the dog

Knowing how to get the puppy at home will be critical for him to perceive the house in a positive way. For this reason, in YourCatCareguide we will explain everything you need to know for your arrival, all objects and the necessary learning.

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One can not forget that the puppy, although young, is learning everything that he sees around him. A relaxed and positive attitude towards him will make him a dog with these characteristics in the future.

Keep reading and learn how to prepare the house for the arrival of the dog , with tips and useful advice to know what to do or not to do.

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What You Need to Care for a Puppy

When a family decides to have a baby, it is normal to reflect first on the entire process that is about to happen. It is also normal to prepare long enough to have everything ready at the time of your arrival. Well, a puppy also needs all these steps. Ideally, everything is ready to receive you with much enthusiasm and affection upon your arrival .

There are several things a family should prepare before the puppy arrives home. Next, let’s explain all of these things to you and why they are so important:

1. Prepare your dog’s bed

Your puppy’s bed should be comfortable , you can choose the one you like best, but make sure it is a comfortable place to sleep and relax comfortably. Choose a warm and quiet place to lay your bed.

Do not forget that the dog can feel sad at night. It is usual to see the puppies cry at night because they feel alone and away from their mother and brothers. At this point you can take him to your bed to calm him down, but keep in mind that when you grow up you may not want him to continue sleeping in your bed. For this reason, do not let him climb into your bed as a puppy if you are not going to let him do so. Add cushions, cuddly toys and blankets to make your dog’s sleeping space more pleasant.

2. Choose where you will be doing your needs

Do not forget that the puppies can not go outside until the veterinarian authorizes. This is because all the necessary vaccines have not yet been administered and the puppies are susceptible to contracting any disease due to the fragility of their immune system. For this reason, you should choose a place in the house where the dog will learn to follow your directions and learn to do your needs in the bathroom, for example.

To teach it must anticipate the time to do so . The advantage is that it usually occurs at certain times such as after eating, after sleeping, after stimulating … Over time they acquire certain habits or certain movements that will be very useful in order to understand and take it quickly to the newspaper. If you do it in the right place you should reward it with caresses, words like “very well” or some prize in the form of a treat for dogs, but without abuse.

In case the puppy does his needs in a place where he should not because he did not arrive in time, do not scold him . It is a puppy and you will not realize that it has done wrong, so simply move it away and clean well where you made the needs, try not to have any residue of smell, otherwise it will smell in this place and can do there needs.

3. Place the feeder and drinking fountain

It is essential that your puppy always have fresh and clean water . This is imperative to be well hydrated and avoid suffering from a heat stroke . These objects should always be in the same place so that the dog can orientate itself in his new house, something that will take some tips.

The food you give it should be puppy-specific, since only this prepared contains all the nutrients it should receive. Also, remember that there are specific foods for large dogs or for small dogs, always check the packaging first.

Finally, we recommend that you adopt good habits from the beginning: it is recommended that the dog receive its food between once and twice a day, but in the case of the puppy is more usual than twice. However, it is essential to control the quantities well and not to leave your feeder full and always at your disposal.

4. Snapper and toys

It is fundamental that before the arrival of the dog the house has acquired some toys for him. They must all be specific to your age. Many will learn how to bite properly , as is the case with bitters. Others can be intelligence games, to encourage from the start to activate your brain. If you do not know the exact age of your dog , read our article on this topic.

Besides, it’s good to play with it directly. You should not become obsessed or nervous, force him or pull his ears. He must foster a good attitude so that in his adult stage he also has it. Explain to the kids at home these same rules. Should encourage the puppy to play and to exercise but always without forcing it, also need to rest many hours .

5. And the most important … your education!

Do not forget that the objects mentioned above are essential, but so is your education and training . The puppy needs order and a marked routine that provides stability and happiness.

During the education of the puppy it will be essential to define rules with all family members, to provide a correct socialization to avoid fears and unwanted behaviors and to know the basic training commands later .

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