Potentially dangerous dogs

If your intention is to adopt a potentially dangerous dog, it is essential that you check the law in your country to carry out all procedures, otherwise you risk a fine or even that you confiscate your animal.

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In the Expert Animal we will show you all the dogs considered potentially dangerous with a complete list and with photographs so that you can appreciate with us all the beauty of these breeds.

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Pit bull terrier

The Pit Bull Terrier is undoubtedly an enthusiastic, energetic and obedient dog . He is an intelligent and protective companion who likes to spend time surrounded by those who consider his family.

It is ideal for young and active people who enjoy practicing exercise and dedicating time to your pet on a daily basis. He is a medium-sized dog and for this reason he adapts perfectly to living in an apartment.

Thinking of adopting a Pit Bull Terrier? Look first for a suitable name and also inquire about the various breeds of pit bull puppies .

Staffordshire bull terrier

The Staffordshire bull terrier ranks # 7 in popularity in his home country, England, being one of the most popular dogs. It is not especially great although its size is muscular and stand out because of it.

He is an intelligent dog, curious, loyal and especially attached to his closest relatives. It stands out for its affectivity with children and people in general .

American Staffordshire terrier

The American Staffordshire terrier is a race very similar physically to the two previous ones, although in this case one can observe a more stylized dog and of face more square.

It has a calm and obedient character but obedience must be practiced from a young age through a good socialization . It is a dog that needs constant affection on the part of those who adopt it.


The Rottweiler is a large dog of great beauty. As a rule we can say that they are dogs with a good and quiet character , obedient to their owners .

Although its dark aspect may generate hostility or fear, it is undoubtedly a smart and timid dog who usually waits to see his family’s reaction before introducing himself. Of a reserved nature, the Rottweiler is tremendously faithful and courageous.

Although it is a sweet and affectionate dog, an experienced owner is necessary in the conduct of the dogs and in their needs of learning, socialization and obedience.

Argentine Dogo

The Argentine Dogo is undoubtedly an imposing dog due to its large size, but it should not be fooled, they are very quiet and good dogs, usually used as search dogs, rescue dogs and police help.

After a good socialization the Argentine Dogo is undoubtedly a sweet, kind and open dog with all kind of people. They also get along well with other dogs and pets.

Brazilian queue

The Brazilian Fila is another dog of size and imposing aspect, here in his native country we have the saying “faithful as a queue” and it is without doubt of other of the most faithful dogs that exist.

He has a quiet and reserved temperament with strangers , he prefers the company of whom he knows and respects. However, the queue is a dog that needs an experienced owner because of its strength. the speed with which it could protect its owner is unequaled hence the need to have a very experienced owner.

Tosa inu

The Tosa inu is a large, elegant and handsome dog. Muscular in appearance and athletic, making him have great needs for exercise, he is also very kind and sociable.

A little stubborn also requires an experienced owner, but he is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated fishers in the world for his bravery, kindness, and dealings with children .

Akita inu

We closed the list of potentially dangerous dogs with the Akita inu , which is one of the most beautiful oriental dogs we know. He became famous and known after the story of Hachiko, a faithful dog who slept in a station waiting for his owner to return, which captivated the whole world. In fact, it’s a good suggestion to watch the Hachiko and Richard Gere movie.

The Akita is a dog revered in Japan , his native country. In this country, having an Akita inu supposes a great demonstration of respect and veneration for who owns them, it must be a person with sensitivity to communicate with the dogs. It is one of the most faithful races in the world, its protective instinct is immeasurable .

This intelligent dog is becoming more and more popular all over the world, although the Akita has a marked character and is very independent.

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