Positive reinforcement in cats

If you are starting to educate your cat or want to practice training with him, it is very important that you have one thing very clear: you will not get anything with bad words or scolding. Even less with ill-treatment.

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The cat is a very special animal and as you may know, the cats do not base their day to day satisfaction on us, on the contrary, expect to be treated like kings and will not even move a finger to exchange anything.

Whether it’s to teach you to use the bathroom, to educate you not to scratch furniture or maybe not to bite, using positive reinforcement in cats is a great way to get results in dressage. Keep reading this Animal Expert article and find out how to do it.

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What is positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is simply rewarding those attitudes we like about our pet. You can use food, affection or nice words, it’s okay if your cat does something well and makes you feel comfortable.

If you are modifying behavior such as scratching the furniture, you should give him a treat with goodies or treats when he uses the scratch remover , that will be a great way to say, “Yes, I like that!” You should know that animals trained by positive reinforcement learn faster and better.

How to use positive reinforcement

Remember that in order for the animal to ignore you can not offer you any food, you should discard the feed and bet on other more tasty products for the cat such as small pieces of food that he likes, or snacks fit for this effect.

If you’ve never done it before, it should be very constant so that your cat understands the positive reinforcement and gets used to satisfying your directions. However, once the cat understands how it works this system will not stop chasing you around the house to receive delicious and tasty prizes.

Benefits of Positive Reinforcement in Cats

while punishment can be the cause of fear, stress and even an aggressive attitude of our cat, positive reinforcement is very much accepted by the feline .

In addition, among the benefits can highlight a better relationship between both, the stimulation of your mind and can even help us modify your behavior to make it more positive.

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