10 places where cats love to hide

How many times did you have to spend a good time looking for your cat and in the end ended up finding him in the most unusual place? Cats love to hideindoors, dark, warm and quiet. This behavior common among all cats has an explanation, is that these animals are on constant alert, so look for hiding places to feel more secure and relaxed. When you have a lot of people at home, they may regard these people as intruders and tend to hide in order to be calmer.

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In this Animal Expert article we tell you the 10 places cats love to hide . Keep reading and find out if your friend disappeared in any of them.

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Where do cats hide?

These are the 10 most common places that cats love to hide , even though each cat is a world, and it may happen that yours has searched for an even stranger place. If you can not find it you can read the advice we give you in this article on finding a lost cat . Find out if your friend is hiding in any of these places:

  1. Boxes : the quintessential cache of cats. The enclosures provide privacy that the cat needs to relax and, in addition, are very good in terms of insulation, so they provide them warmth. And they love it.
  2. Vegetation: whether in trees or in shrubs, cats continue to have this wild spirit that makes them feel tranquil in the vegetation, hiding from their enemies.
  3. Tubes and ventilation ducts: These are some of the places to look for your cat if you have lost it. These places are free of intruders and their flexible bodies can adapt perfectly to them.
  4. Radiators and warmers: Cats love warm places, so one of the 10 places where cats usually hide can be a radiator. Here you can relax and rest comfortably.
  5. Behind the curtains: Cats love to hide behind the curtains, a perfect place for them not to see him and for him to enjoy his independence.
  6. Shelves: Shelves with many books are perfect places to hide. They can curl up between the objects and relax, and in addition they have a perfect view of the whole room.
  7. Appliances : If you have a washer or dryer full of laundry and leave the door open for a moment, check it before closing it. The same happens with other appliances, such as the dishwasher or the oven, if you leave the door open the cat can hide inside these appliances. We recommend that you always check before you call.
  8. Drawers and Closets: Leaving the closet or some drawer open your cat will not take long to hide inside them. It is a soft, quiet and small, that is, a perfect place to hide.
  9. Bags and bags : just like the boxes, some bags are perfect for hiding. However, be careful with plastic bags so that they do not cling on and suffocate.
  10. Car Engine: If you have a garage and your cat has access, be careful every time you start with the car. We have previously said that cats love hot places and nothing better than the corners of a car that has been driven recently to take a nap in the most tranquil.

Hazardous spaces

You’ve already seen what the 10 places cats love to hide, but not all are safe. You should be especially careful about where your cat lurks, since some may run a big risk . The following places are not recommended and should be avoided at all costs:

  • Appliances
  • Heaters
  • Hoses, pipes and tubes – plastic
  • Car engine
  • Bags

To prevent your cat from getting stuck in one of these places, give him a space of his own, warm and safe . If you offer a “toque”, whether with boxes, blankets or buying one, avoid these risks that we mentioned.

What is the favorite place for your cat to hide? Tell us in the comments of this article!

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