Breeds of pitbull puppies

The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is one of the most well-known and unfortunately one of the most controversial dog breeds because it arouses a great controversy with its possibly aggressive character, even if there is nothing certain in this type of statement.

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If you like the characteristics of this dog, you have probably wondered at some point what are the breeds that the “pit bull” term encompasses, as well as what characteristics differentiate each one.

In this article, we clarify any questions that may arise when talking about breeds of pitbull puppies . If you are considering adopting a dog with these characteristics, you should know that it is crucial that the guardian is well informed before making any decision.

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What are pitbull puppies?

We must know how to differentiate the American pitbull terrier and the so-called pitbull puppies. In the first case, we are referring to a concrete and well-defined dog breed, while in the second case we should know that the pitbull terminus is used to designate a large group of distinct breeds of dogs with similar physical characteristics.

Some sources say that it is not appropriate to speak of breeds of pitbull dogs, but rather of different genetic branches that make it possible to clearly differentiate lineages or genealogical lines that manifest themselves through specific physical characteristics and behavior.

Breeds of pitbull puppies

Then we reveal the different breeds of pitbull dogs, as well as the main characteristics of each.

On several occasions, dogs will have been bred to fight. This should not be associated with pitbull behavior, and at no time does this mean that the dog is intended for that purpose. All puppies deserve a home, care and a responsible tutor willing to meet their needs. Thus, it is important to know that dog fights are an intolerable practice.

1- American pitbull terrier : It is the breed of excellence, from which the different lineages or races are created. Contrary to popular belief, aggressiveness is not a feature of his behavior, since his character is friendly and balanced. They have a great intelligence and willingness to work. Their weight can vary between 12 and 25 kilos.

2- Staffordshire bull terrier : Its weight varies between 11 and 17 kilos, being a compact, muscular and agile dog. Although some pitbull dogs can behave territorially with other dogs and animals, they have a friendly character, including interaction with children. He is intelligent, active and fun, and he is very attached to his tutors.

3- American staffordshire terrier : They have a fully developed musculature, especially in the chest area. It can weigh up to 35 pounds and may have only a color, a partial color or blemishes. It is a quiet dog, although it is quite active.

4- Bull Terrier : One of its most evident physical characteristics are its triangular eyes. He is a determined but gentle dog, who needs the company and affection of his adoptive family. It is a brave and strong dog that can reach 35 kilos of weight.

5- Stuffawler : This lineage was designed to fight. It is a dog whose weight varies between 35 and 40 kilos, physically characterized by sketching a species a smile when it opens its mouth. Some sources consider that it is an aggressive dog, but we know that the behavior of a dog depends on the behavior of its guardian.

6- Monster blue : This breed is a cross between Neapolitan Mastiff and Burgundy Bulldog. They have a great force in the mandible and a full and heavy constitution. Its weight varies between 45 and 60 kilos.

7- Colby : Its creation and reproduction began in the year 1889, and was designed as a dog for fights. However, his character is balanced, being an excellent vigilante for children. It is characterized by having a large and strong head with a flattened and wrinkled muzzle, being generally light.

8- Red Devil : It is also known as the Mexican pitbull and is smaller than all pit bull breeds. It was idealized as a dog of struggles, being characterized by a great resistance and a leaner structure more muscular.

Currently, his creation and selection are clandestine, still being used for dog fights. In fact, it is a little territorial dog that shows confidence to people.

9- Spike : It is a lineage of American origin that will possibly have Dalmatian blood, since its coat is white with black spots. These dogs have an underdeveloped musculature and a friendly and calm character, being perfect for company.

9- Spike : It is a lineage of American origin that will possibly have Dalmatian blood, since its coat is white with black spots. These dogs have an underdeveloped musculature and a friendly and calm character, being perfect for company.

10- Red nose : Line of Irish origin that dates from the year 1830, with brown and white coat and eyes color of honey or green. They are characterized by a rosy nose and a small musculature, with broad legs and strong loin. Its weight varies between 25 and 30 kilos.

11- Cobra : Its physical structure is similar to that of the red nose, with black or blue eyes and white coat, without spots.

12- Villaliberty : Line developed in Spain from the red nose. His physical structure is admirable and his behavior makes him the ideal pet, being balanced, stable, safe and courageous.

13- Pynat : It is a lean but muscular dog that can weigh up to 30 kilos. His coat may be brindle and his muzzle smooth. It is often used as a hunting dog.

14- Gamers : This is another lineage developed for the fights. These dogs possess a great athletic ability and a lean and muscular constitution. The sue epso varies between 25 and 30 pounds.

15- Johnsons : Your maximum weight is about 40 pounds. Physically, their traits are similar to those of the bulldog. Its coat is white or stained. It is a very strong dog, but it is also slow and docile.

What is the best pitbull dog?

After observing the great diversity of breeds of pitbull puppies , we can question what is the best breed or bloodline. However, this question is wrong because each dog has different characteristics that suit their lifestyle and needs.

What you should bear in mind in case you want to adopt a pit bull is how your characteristics will adapt to your lifestyle and needs.

Regardless of the differences, consider the following when adopting a pit bull:

  • They are animals that need constant physical exercise, needing a large space a committed tutor who provides all the discipline necessary to educate.
  • Good socialization since the puppy is essential, especially with regard to respect for other animals.
  • If you have young children at home, make sure there is adult supervision when the dog and the child share the same space. The dog has no aggressive character, but it is a very strong animal.
  • Pitbull dogs can only go for a walk with the responsibility of their guardian.

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