Pets as a Christmas present, is it a good idea?

When the date begins to approach and we are already less than fifteen days away from the big day, we can make some mistakes in last minute gifts. Many people end up choosing this time to bring home a new member, a pet. But is that really a good idea? Sales figures for pets skyrocket at this time, but do families correctly evaluate what it means to have a new member in the family? Or is it just a hasty last-minute decision?

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If you have already decided that you will give this pet a Christmas gift, we at YourCatCareguide want to help you know what to take into account when choosing it, in order not to end up making mistakes.

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The responsibility involved in having a pet

When it comes to offering pets as a Christmas gift, you should be aware of this decision, as it does not mean offering only a dog-loving dog to your child or someone you care about, is much more than that.

You should choose to live with a pet, regardless of size, race or species, as this is one of the most important decisions of our lives. We are assuming that the person receiving the gift should be responsible and caring for another living being that will depend on its owner until the last days of his life. Depending on the species chosen, we speak of a greater or lesser number of care, whether sanitary or hygienic, housing, food and their correct education process. You should think about what the person receiving the pet will do if you work hard or have trips planned and can give you the love and affection you need.

We can not choose a pet as a gift unless we are sure that whoever receives it will be able to fulfill all that is needed. Offering a pet to a person who is not ready to receive it is no longer an act of love. Instead, we can choose a book or an experiment that teaches you what it means to have a companion animal so that you can be sure of what it takes to have an animal later on.

Involve family

If you are sure that you want to have an animal at your side and that you can also take care of all your necessary care, you should also consult the other members of your family. We know that children want to have an animal and that at the beginning they will promise to comply with everything they say, but it is our responsibility as adults to commit ourselves to the newcomer and to explain to the little ones what their tasks will be according to their age.

The responsibility of caring for an animal implies considering the needs for each species , not treating them as objects, but also not trying to humanize them too much.

Abandonment is never an option

It should take into account that both a cat and a dog can live up to 15 years of age, should make a commitment to life with their good and bad times. The abandonment of a pet is an act of selfishness and injustice to the animal. To get an idea, the numbers of abandoned animals indicate that about 40% of the abandoned dogs were a gift to their owners. So you should ask yourself what to do if this experience goes wrong and the family or the person does not want to continue caring for the animal they offered for Christmas.

Putting on a scale the commitments we get when receiving a pet in the family, are not as high or difficult as the benefits of living with it. It is a privilege that will give us great personal satisfaction and we will be happier. But if we are not completely sure of the challenge, it is best not to try.

It is our responsibility to inform ourselves well about the species we adopt in order to be very clear about what needs it will have. We can go to a nearest veterinarian to evaluate what kind of family will receive an animal and what pet advises us.

Before offering a pet as a gift

  • Think about whether this person is capable of creating this species and really wants it.
  • If you are thinking of offering a pet to a child , you should make sure that the parents are aware that they are really responsible for the welfare of the animal.
  • Respect the age of the puppy (whether cat or dog) although it does not coincide with Christmas (7 or 8 weeks of life). Remember that separating a puppy from its mother ahead of time can be very detrimental to your socialization process and to your physical development.
  • If we adopt rather than buy , it is a double act of love and can make the family participate in the process of choice. Remember that there are not only refuges of cats and dogs, there are also centers of adoption of exotic animals (rabbits, rodents, …) or you can also get an animal from a family that can no longer care for it.

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