Persian Cat Hair Care

The Persian cat is characterized by its long and dense, in addition to its face with traits so characteristic of this feline breed of luxury. But this type of hair needs specific care that other cat breeds do not need.

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In YourCatCareguide we will give you some tips to make your cat look always well taken care of and beautiful in this article on Persian cat hair care .

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Daily Care

All Persian cats need daily care on our part. It is our duty to provide them with food and water every day, in addition to keeping their sand clean. Although he does not believe it, healthy, quality food will have a direct impact on the animal’s hair.

In the case of the Persian cat there is an added daily obligation: to brush it .

Of course, we must do it with care and with the ideal material for this, so keep reading to find out the indications we recommend in YourCatCareguide.

Material for brushing the Persian cat

To brush our Persian cat correctly, we must use combs, brushes and scrapers .

Firstly, we should use a comb, preferably plastic, with the tips separated and round. This utensil will allow us to guide the direction of the hair and detect some knot in the coat of our Persian cat.

Remember that whenever you comb your cat it is advisable to do it on a towel, to avoid soiling the soil with dead hair.

The ideal brushes

Once you have lightly brushed the comb and removed any knot you have detected in the first pass with the round tipped comb, you should start brushing the fur of your Persian cat with a flat brush of separate , long, rigid, pointed bristles protected with balls.

In this way, we will not cause sores on the skin of our feline, this passage with this brush should be more meticulous than the first passage with the comb.

Thick brush

You should alternate brushing with the first brush, with a few strokes with another type of brush: a long, thick, soft brush . This is the ideal tool to eliminate dust and debris from food grabbed, such as on the jowl of our cat glutton.

Combining the action of both brushes will get the cat to be satisfied and purring everywhere they brush the brush in your hair.

The metal scraper

The metal scraper is a slightly dangerous tool for our pet if we do not use it correctly. But if you use it carefully you can get your Persian cat’s hair to look great.

There are two factors to take into account when using this utensil, first it is important not to pass the metallic tips of the rasqueadeira on the skin of the cat, but should approach the maximum of this to air and leave more spongy the hair of our cat.

The other factor to take into account is that you should combine long passages with short passages, in the direction of hair growth and against it. In this way, each hair will separate and will be full of static, which greatly annoys the mites and causes them to flee from your cat’s hair.

Time and special tools

As we assume that you brush your Persian cat daily, the time spent on this task should not exceed 10 minutes. This is enough time to convert your kitten into a Hollywood actor or actress.

  • During spring and summer you should control your cat not to catch fleas or other parasites, for that there are sold in pet stores very thick brushes that should only be used for deworming.
  • If your cat gets dirty in excess you can use a dry shampoo to clean it regularly, this way it will not bother both the animal. In addition, you can use baby wipes for lighter patches.
  • In addition and especially for those soft-haired cats should also know a very useful product to eliminate the stains of brown tears that sometimes mark their skin. Basically it’s an antioxidant that bitches off the trail.

Foods That Improve Hair

Of course, Persian cat hair care is not limited to brushing and feline aesthetic products, some foods also improve the quality of the Persian cat’s hair .

  • Especially the omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids, since they are quite beneficial for the cat’s organism and also for its fur. Look for rations and moist tin food that contain these two oils.
  • Offering salmon and tuna once a week will also reflect on a shiny and healthy coat, in addition, the fish has a high protein content. For this, we must clean it properly without pimples or viscera, it will be preferable to offer it raw.
  • Other options may be sardine or egg oil.

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