Persian cat care

The Persian cat , with its majestic appearance and elegance, is one of the best-known and best-appreciated cats, both for its pretty hair and its flat nose and for its personality. He is a kind cat with a very calm and affectionate character , because they like pampering very much.

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But because of its morphological characteristics the Persian cat needs daily care and when it comes to acquiring a cat of this breed it is important to know that you will have to take the time to give it the care and attention you need .

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain in detail the care of a Persian cat .

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The hair

The Persian cat has a long, abundant coat that needs daily care, and it is necessary to brush the cat every day with a flat brush with plastic bristles. You can also use a mental brush with round bristles to avoid damaging your sensitive skin.

It should accustom the cat to this routine since it is puppy to become a moment of relaxation, it should be like a massage for your cat, as well as being a great opportunity to share a moment with your pet. The goal is to undo possible nodes that have formed and prevent new ones from forming, as well as to eliminate all dead bodies . It is common for the Persian cat to lose a lot of hair at each brushing.

If you do not brush it every day will form us and the only option will be to cut the same, leaving an area of ​​your body with many short hairs, thus ruining your so beautiful and elegant hair.

But beyond this aesthetic consequence, this could have an even more serious consequence: your cat licking itself to clean itself will swallow all the dead ones that we did not remove, for not having brushed it. So tricobezoars will form , they are balls of hair in the intestinal tract. At best Persian cat will vomit the ball of fur, which can cause intestinal obstruction and be necessary to take it to the veterinarian.

In addition, if the Persian cat’s long hair is poorly cared for, it may turn into a flea nest. Both to maintain their beauty and their health it is important to brush your Persian cat every day .

You can also bathe your Persian cat every 2 to 3 months, depending on your lifestyle, never more than once a month and always with a specific shampoo for cats that respects the pH of your skin and does not to irritate

The eyes

The Persian cat’s eyes water , something that can be more or less abundant depending on the cat and the times, but in all cases they should be cleaned every day with cotton or soft wettoilet paper in water . Apply moistened soft tissue underneath the tear zone and inner corner of the eye by gently pulling out the accumulated secretions underneath the eye and the outside of the entire eye, then pass a soft, dry clean paper.

Use a different paper for each eye to avoid dirtying one eye with the secretions of another, or transporting microorganisms from one eye to the other.

It is very important to perform this task daily because if you do not wipe your Persian cat’s eyes, the abundant lacrimal secretion of the cat will accumulate and will form a crust and often will not suffice to moisten this crust to take it off, has to scratch a little, leaving the skin of this area very irritated and with a small wound that will be irritated with the new lacrimal secretions of the cat.

In many Persian cats the tear secretion is so great that it is necessary to perform this task up to 2 times a day. If you see the tears start to get reddish, go to a pet store and get a specific antioxidant product.

The ears

Persian cats produce more or less cerumen depending on the cat, but generally it is advisable to perform a cleaning of the ears every week to avoid the presence of mites, infections by fungi or bacteria and also to keep the cat accustomed to this procedure.

With soft water-soaked toilet paper wipe the entire outer pavilion, you can use a cotton swab to clean the ear folds, but you should never put the cotton swab inside your ear if you are in doubt it is best to use only toilet paper.

The nails

The Persian cat’s nails should be cut every 2 weeks or so, which is something that the cat should get used to since it is a puppy. We advise you to trim your nails before showering, to facilitate the next task.

It is often said that Persian cats are sedentary cats that only live indoors. But many are as curious and adventurous as other cats and go out into the garden and hunt like any other cat. If this is the case for your Persian cat, keep in mind that if there are other cats in the vicinity, in the case of a catfight, your Persian with a flat nose will not be able to defend itself so well because it does not allow you to bite, and could being bitten by other cats. Prevent your cat from roaming the outside without supervision and avoid any possible aggression.

The feeding

Due to their often sedentary way of life , Persian cats usually gain weight easily, which can cause heart problems to be at a greater risk than other breeds of suffering from urinary stone problems, so it should have a balanced diet.

To reduce the risks of overweight and urinary stones, you should make sure that your cat does physical exercise and should give you food at fixed times. In our articles you can find some tips to prevent obesity in cats and exercise for obese cats .

Persian cat care is very important to maintain your beauty and more importantly, for your health. It takes a lot of time, but our furry companions deserve it.

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