Dog Crossing – The 11 Most Popular Hybrids

The dog’s history is definitely marked by the will of man. It is he who has determined which breeds should be mixed and which specimens were chosen for their subsequent crossing. Whether or not we are in favor of selective breeding, for the sake of the new breeds what is certain is that magnificent, beautiful, and wonderful […]

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Do the rabbits sleep?

If you have a domestic rabbit by your side , you may have wondered if they sleep because they seem to be always awake. They are adorable animals with a curious behavior, regardless of the type of breed or coat. Of course the rabbits sleep , but they do it differently from other more popular animals. In this article of YourCatCareguide we […]

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Advice to avoid dog barking

The bark is a natural communication system for the dog and can be triggered for various reasons, and you or a specialist must identify the cause. It can become a serious problem when it becomes a habit for the animal, making it difficult to walk, the time to receive visits at home, interaction with other dogs, […]

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