India piglet feeding

As with all other animals, the feeding of the guinea pig varies according to the age and condition of the pig. A newborn guinea pig does not eat the same as an adult or a pregnant Guinea pig. It is very common for the tutors of these animals, being less usual than the dog and the […]

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Blue whale feed

The blue whale , whose scientific name is Balaenoptera Musculus, is the largest animal on the planet, since this mammal can reach 20 meters in length and weigh 180 tons. Its name is due to the fact that when we see it under water its color is completely blue, however, on the surface it presents a much more gray […]

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Whale Shark Feeding

The whale shark is one of the fish that has the most worries. For example, is it a shark or a whale? Without a doubt, this is a shark and has the physiology of any other fish, however, its name was given due to its enormous size, since it can reach 12 meters in length and weigh more than […]

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