Care of newly castrated dog

After undergoing surgery, all dogs need to have basic care when returning home. In this article from YourCatCareguide we will focus on caring for a newly neutered or sterilized dog .

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If you would like to know the difference between neutering and neutering and the care that the newly operated puppies require, read on!

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What is castration?

Castration consists of the removal of the male (testis) or female gonads (ovaries and uterus, or simply the ovaries). The surgery in which the testicles are removed is called “orchiectomy” or “orchidectomy”. Removal of the ovaries is called “ovariectomy,” and if the uterus is removed, it is called “ovariohysterectomy.”

Is it the same castrate that sterilize?

We generally refer to castration and sterilization in an undifferentiated way, but they are not the same thing . Sterilizing involves leaving the animal with no ability to reproduce. For this, techniques such as those used in human medicine, called “tubal ligation”, or “vasectomy” in males could be used.

The gonads continue in the same place and, if these techniques are applied to the dogs, they continue to produce hormones , maintaining the breeding instinct. This is the instinct we want to avoid, as well as the action of sex hormones that eventually lead to many diseases in bitches (breast tumors, uterine infections …) and male dogs (prostate hyperplasia). In addition, we want to avoid marking territory, aggression or tendency to flee.

Therefore, although we speak of the care of newly sterilized puppies and use this definition as a synonym for castrated in a habitual way, we must remember that they are not the same thing and what in this case brings more benefits is the castration.

Castration of Bitches – Recovery

To remove the ovaries and uterus it is necessary to access the abdominal cavity. It is for this reason that the little dog goes home with one or several incisions in the abdomen . Surgery can be performed:

  • By laparoscopy : we will see two small incisions above and below the navel, which you should watch in the days after the intervention. The veterinarian will instruct you to wipe the incision daily with saline until the stitches are removed. When a resorbable wire is used, there is no need to remove the stitches.
  • Conventional Approach to the Midline of the Abdomen : You will notice a small incision a few inches below the navel. The size depends on the size of the dog, if you ever had the heat, whether you are fat or thin, etc.
  • Flank approach : You will notice incisions behind the ribs.

In any case, regardless of the technique, the veterinarian will ask you to prevent the bitch from accessing the stitches in the days following the surgery. You may be advised to use an Elizabethan collar or T-shirt to prevent it from licking that area. You will also receive some post-operative analgesics (such as meloxicam or carprofen) and at the discretion of the veterinarian you may also prescribe an antibiotic for the following days.

The bitches should recover in a quiet, warm and comfortable place for a few days. You should review the incisions every day to confirm that there are no signs of inflammation or infection of the area. In this way, you are making sure that you detect any anomaly that is consequent to the surgery in a timely manner. If it’s a dog that sleeps on the street, the vet will ask her to sleep inside her house for at least a week.

If the incision is very large, even when taking analgesics, the dog may have difficulty defecating. For this reason, some veterinarians advise a moist diet and / or oral lubricant, such as olive oil in food . The veterinarian will certainly warn you to be very attentive to any adverse reaction to prescription drugs (vomiting, diarrhea …). You will also be asked to avoid joking too hard, involving jumps or races, for at least a week, because no matter how small the incision, there is always the risk of a hernia.

Will the males chase after her?

Very careful the first few days. If the dog was near the next heat or in the days after it, will continue to emit odors of “available female” for some time and the males will continue to approach. It is best to allow it within 7-10 days before joining it with the rest of the canine friends in the park or playground.

Sometimes the hormonal cycle so special to bitches makes them go through a lot. Milk may appear on her breasts after surgery and arouse maternal behavior, known as psychological pregnancy . The veterinarian will indicate what to do in both cases, because although they are infrequent, they can be very uncomfortable for the bitch.

Postoperative of dog castration

In the case of males, the testicles are removed by means of an incision in the scrotum (a covering of skin that covers them). Some veterinarians choose to perform above the scrotum, although it is not such a popular technique. As a rule, there is no need to access the abdominal cavity. You should provide a warm and quiet environment for your puppy to recover. It should restrict physical activity for a few days, as in the case of females.

As a rule, the veterinarian prescribes a post-surgical pain reliever for a few days, such as meloxicam (usually for fewer days than females). You should also watch the incision for a week. Oral antibiotics are not usually prescribed, but they depend on case by case. The stitches are usually removed after 7-9 days and if they are resorbable they disappear after an approximate period.

In any of the sexes of the dogs, it is necessary to watch that signs like vomits and diarrhea do not appear. In the case of males, surgery is faster and usually has less post-surgery associated medication.

You should watch for bruises in the scrotum, the pressure exerted on it to remove the testicles, as well as rashes or irritation in and around the scrotal area (this skin is the most sensitive part of the body of the dog and it is necessary to depilate for perform surgery).

Do males need to wear Elizabethan necklace?

Of course, it is necessary for the dog to wear an Elizabethan collar in the days after surgery to prevent the dog from licking this area and pulling the suture points out. The hairs, when born, cause a lot of itching and it is natural that the dog wants to lick this area at all cost zone to relieve the uncomfortable sensation. In addition, when the spots “dry” can take off some skin, which is also very uncomfortable for them.

What to do if bruises or irritations appear?

Infusion creams, similar to babies’ creams, may help if irritation develops in the scrotum. However, they can never be applied to the points nor near the incision area. Some hematoma ointments contain compounds that prevent the formation of clots and may be advised in cases where a scrotal hematoma occurs.

Does castrated dog feel like crossing after castration?

In the days following surgery, male dogs continue to be fertile . Therefore, you should be very careful during the week following the operation and avoid areas with bitches that are not castrated. It will take a few weeks until all the hormones are cleared from the blood and it is not appropriate for the dog to shake too much when it smells a female with heat.

As always, every case is a case. These basic care that we suggest in YourCatCareguide can complement what your trusted veterinarian indicates. Never hesitate to consult a specialist in any abnormal situation that happens after the castration of your dog.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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