Natural cat tranquilizers

Natural therapies and home remedies are currently at the peak not only in human health but also in veterinary medicine and this is due to a need to treat our pets in a way that respects your body.

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There are several disorders that can respond positively to the application of natural remedies, so it is important that these therapeutic tools are always considered as the first line of treatment.

If you want to take care of your cat in a natural and safe way, in this article of ExpertAnimal we will talk about the natural tranquilizers for cats .

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Cats and Stress

Have you ever noticed how your cat rubs against the corners, the furniture, the sofa and even your legs? This act frees pheromones , substances that only the cat detects and that in addition to participating in heat also give your cat a sense of control and control over the surroundings, something that we can see in his reaction to cat’s herb for example.

The cat is an animal that needs to control its environment to feel good, so any changes that occur in this environment can be uncomfortable and can even create stress and nervousness.

A cat can enter into a state of anxiety and stress in the face of various situations such as the following:

  • Visit to the vet
  • Living with a new pet
  • Loud noises
  • Travels
  • News

Stress is a threat to your health especially when it becomes chronic, so we are facing a situation that must be treated as a priority.

Advantages of natural tranquilizers for cats

Generally anxiety caused by a state of stress is treated with drugs called benzodiazepines, these are very effective but also have numerous side effects , in addition, their continued use can cause dependence and tolerance, which means the need to increase the dose progressively.

Other drugs that can be used in severe cases and whose therapeutic margin is much more limited than the benzodiazepines are barbiturates, causing problems similar to those mentioned above.

On the other hand, if we initially give our cat natural tranquilizers, not only will we prevent chronic stress from appearing, but we will also decrease the symptoms associated with your anxiety in a safe way for your body.

The best natural tranquilizers for cats

See below what natural options you have at your disposal to treat your pet’s stress anxiety :

  • Valerian : Valerian is a plant that can also be administered to dogs and has a slight sedative effect besides acting as a muscle relaxant. It will not be difficult for the cat to accept this plant once the cats are attracted by its smell, however, valerian can initially cause a state of euphoria, so the best option is to opt for a specific nutritional supplement for cats that combines valerian with other plant extracts.
  • Lemon balm : This is another cat-friendly plant that is very effective for fighting stress and nervousness. We recommend its administration especially in the days prior to a stressful event, such as fireworks or a trip. You can also find it in the form of a nutritional supplement suitable for cats.
  • Pheromone Spray : We can now find a synthetic copy of the cat’s facial pheromones, which are the ones it releases when rubbed against various objects. The application of these pheromones gives the cat the feeling of control and mastery over his environment and quickly soothes his anxiety.
  • Fava-de-santo-inácio : It is a very useful and effective homeopathic remedy for anxiety, moreover it is completely innocuous and does not present any type of interaction. We recommend using 15 CH and administering 3 times a day 5 diluted grains in 5 milliliters of water.
  • Bach flowers: Bach flowers act similarly to homeopathy and as such they do not present any type of adverse effect or contraindication. For sudden stress and anxiety situations we recommend choosing Rescue Remedy, a blend of various floral extracts specifically designed to quickly improve anxiety, however, other floral factors you can use for this case are Rock Rose or Cherry Plum.
  • Lavender hydrosol: Hydrosol is a product that is obtained through an essential oil, but unlike essential oil, it is much safer for your cat. In stressful cases you can rub your cat with lavender hydrosol approximately 2 times a day. Lavender is a mild and very effective sedative.

How to use natural tranquilizers for cats?

We recommend that before applying some of the remedies shown above consult the veterinarian. Although Bach flowers and homeopathy are innocuous, herbs contain active ingredients that may be contraindicated for the health of your cat or interact with some other drug.

In addition, the veterinarian can advise you on the most appropriate remedy for your cat, since it is very important to individualize each situation, more so when we want to use natural therapies.

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