Natural Remedies for Gastroenteritis in Cats

Who said cats are scary and just need attention? This is a very scattered myth but completely false. Cats can also be very attached to their owners and also their body is susceptible to various diseases.

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Cats have a very delicate and sensitive digestive system that can react to excessive intakes of food, poor food or the famous hairballs. This can cause our beloved pet to suffer from gastroenteritis, which in most cases is mild and can even be treated at home when there are no warning signs.

Want to know more about this? In this article of Animal Expert we show you the natural remedies for gastroenteritis in cats .

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Gastroenteritis in Cats

Gastroenteritis in cats is a condition characterized by an inflammatory state of the intestinal gastric mucosa , which compromises the health of the whole digestive system, and therefore, affects our animal in general.

The causes of feline gastroenteritis can be several, but on numerous occasions it is due to the ingestion of a food in poor condition or also by the presence of a foreign body in the digestive system, such as a ball of hair.

In these situations, gastroenteritis is understood as a defense mechanism of the organism , a reaction that allows the digestive system to be cleaned in order to recover later.

Fasting and hydration

As owners we must try that our cat, through its hygienic-dietary habits, support this reaction of your body so that the gastroenteritis heals spontaneously in a shorter period of time.

This implies that it will initially take 24 hours without food , thus all the energy required to make the digestion is used so that the digestive system can recover. What we should not neglect in any way is hydration, since with the presence of vomiting and diarrhea our animal will lose an important percentage of organic fluids.

The best option for maintaining good hydration is to get a veterinary oral rehydration serum suitable for veterinary use .

Natural Remedies for Cats with Gastroenteritis

Attempting adequate hydration and restricting food for 24 hours is essential in the natural treatment of feline gastroenteritis, however, it also has other home remedies that can be very useful:

  • Seeds of Pantago Ovata : these seeds are for human consumption but are also suitable for our animals. Its function is to regulate the intestinal transit, in this case, we should give half a spoon of coffee to a spoon of coffee per day. In the presence of diarrhea, seeds of plantago ovata act by absorbing water from the intestines and increasing the volume of feces, thus reducing the symptoms and frequency of defecations.
  • Probiotics : Probiotics will help regulate your cat’s intestinal flora, this positively impacts on the frequency of defecations, but also strengthens the immune structures located in the digestive system. Obviously, the probiotic should confer strains of bacteria naturally present in the cat’s intestine, so you should purchase this product from a specialist store.
  • Nux Vomica or Noz-vomica: this is a homeopathic remedy that used in a dilution 7 CH is very useful to decrease the digestive symptoms, both in pets and in humans. Dilute 3 grains in 5 milliliters of water and divide by three intakes per day.
  • Aloe Vera : Aloe vera is not toxic to cats and applied oral vira will exert its anti-inflammatory properties on the digestive system. It is important to purchase pure aloe vera juice suitable for veterinary use. The daily dose is 1 milliliter per kg of body weight.

Other advice for the natural treatment of feline gastroenteritis

Does your cat have a fever, presence of blood in the stool, abnormal mucosal coloring or generalized weakness? These signs should be interpreted as warning signs and in your presence you should go to the veterinarian urgently .

In mild cases it is as important to properly carry out natural treatment as to introduce habitual (slowly) feeding. Milk should be avoided at all costs, since cats do not digest lactose well. Ideally, it should progressively give the cat foods that are very digestible and low in fat , often but in small quantities.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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