Diarrhea – Natural Remedies For Cats With The Runs

Is your kitty doing the “Pepto Bismol Dance”? I have to laugh every time I see those commercials on TV. But diarrhea in cats isn’t really funny (unless you’re a long ways away). By the way, NEVER give Pepto Bismol to your feline companion. Pepto Bismol has aspirin in it, and aspirin can kill your cat.The good news is that there are many safe, effective natural remedies for cats with diarrhea.

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Be aware that severe diarrhea can cause your cat or kitten to get dehydrated very quickly. If the diarrhea doesn’t improve rapidly with natural remedies, please take him to the vet right away. Dehydration is a medical emergency, and your kitty may need an IV, especially if he’s lethargic and weak, and he’s not drinking any water.

What Causes Diarrhea In Cats?


All cats get the runs from time to time. It usually runs its course quickly, and your cat is back to his usual self in a day or two. But if it persists for more than a couple of days, you need to figure out what’s causing it.

Coccidiosis is a protozoa that is passed from one cat to another. Adult cats who are infected develop a resistance to it, but they do become carriers who can spread it to other cats, including their offspring. Coccidiosis can be serious in kittens because their immune systems aren’t fully developed yet.

Any kitten between four and twelve weeks who has diarrhea should be checked by the vet, especially if blood or mucus is present. If he’s infected with coccidiosis, he’ll need to be treated with specific sulfa-type antibiotics. Don’t wait around, because severe cases can cause vomiting, dehydration, and death.

Adult cats usually develop diarrhea as a result of a dietary issue. If you’ve recently changed foods, or your cat has been eating something he shouldn’t have, going back to his original diet may help.

Food allergies can also cause feline diarrhea. Corn is commonly used in dry commercial cat foods. But corn causes intestinal irritation in sensitive cats. If your cat having a problem with diarrhea, be sure to read the ingredient list on the cat food bag. Feeding your cat a healthy diet will prevent many health problems.

Antibiotic treatments can cause diarrhea in cats. Antibiotics not only kill off the bugs that make your kitty sick, but also the beneficial bacteria his system needs to function. A good way to repopulate the intestinal flora is to feed your cat plain yogurt. Be sure it’s nonfat or low-fat, as cow’s milk products can make diarrhea worse in most cats. However, they tolerate nonfat yogurt very well. And I can tell you that cats LOVE plain yogurt!

Natural Remedies For Diarrhea in Cats

Hylands Diarrex Tablets are a good homepathic remedy for cats and people who have an acute case of the runs that came on quickly.

For chronic diarrhea that keeps coming back, you may want to try natrum muriaticum 6X. Give your kitty one tablet every four hours three times. Don’t feed him for ten minutes before and after you give him the tablets. You should see a noticeable improvement within 24 hours. If not, you should try something else.

PetAlive RunnyPoo Relief is a natural homeopathic and herbal remedy that is used with great success by many cat owners. It contains:

  • Plantain – a well known herbal remedy used to support the digestive system and mucous membranes.
  • Lady’s Mantle – promotes healthy firm stools and supports bowel functioning.
  • Podophyllum 6C – a homeopathic remedy for diarrhea.
  • Sulphur 6C – used homoeopathically, it supports digestive function.
  • Arsen alb. 6C – a well known homeopathic remedy that helps to support the nervous system. This is good for cats with a nervous temperament who are prone to digestive upsets.

A few drops of PetAlive RunnyPoo Relief in your cat’s food can clear up diarrhea very quickly.

Chronic Diarrhea Problems


If your cat has diarrhea or vomiting often, he may be at risk for inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, or other problems. A healthy diet, along with digestive enzymes, probiotics, and essential fatty acids, can help in treating these problems.

Only Natural Pet Store offers a Stomach & Gastrointestinal Kit for cats with chronic gastrointestinal disorders. These products have been selected to work together to help your cat with digestive problems:

  • Only Natural Pet Salmon Oil, a natural source for Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are important nutrients for the skin and coat – and for overall health.
  • Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotics assists in the digestion and absorption of nutrients which are necessary to maintain good health. It relieves the extra burden placed on the digestive system, as this product breaks down fats, carbohydrates, cellulose and protein.
  • NF’s Spectra Probiotic is essential for use during and after antibiotic treatment to replace “friendly” intestinal bacteria destroyed by antibiotics. It also helps to prevent and/or reduce the recurrence of yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and bladder inflammation.


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