Natural Cat Urine Odor Removal Product Is Important For Your Cat

All cat owners have to deal with the dreaded litter box odor problem. My hubby and I are planning to live full-time in our RV, and we want to get a cat to travel with us. But the one thing stopping us was how to deal with the odor from a litter box. After all, it’s hard to escape from it in an RV! It’s not like we can put the box downstairs in the basement…


But I think I have an answer to this problem. I’ll turn the rest of this post over to my friend, Chad Lawson:

I have a success story to tell.

I have two cats and I unashamedly admit to the fact that I love them dearly; now that my kids have left home, they give me something to fuss over.

However, living in an apartment, as I do, the only outside space they have is the roof terrace and, although they can enjoy the air up there and kid themselves they’re going to catch a bird or two, I can’t really put their litter tray up there.

So that brings me to the only problem I have with my two feline friends — the smells from their litter. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I need to change the tray frequently, and I do, expensive though it may seem. I also diligently remove “clumps” several times a day. But I’m still aware of the permeating smell of “cat” around the place.

I asked my cat-owning friends, and they came up with all kinds of recommendations for keeping the litter smelling fresh — including baking powder or alfalfa, which absorb smells apparently; carpet deodorizer spread under the litter, which masks them; and putting in pine wood chips, which does both these things.

I also found a specially designed product in a supermarket which would, it promised, “rid me of the unpleasant smell of ammonia from cat litter for ever.” It contained so many chemicals it probably would have rid me of the cats as well!


How delighted I was, then, to discover Odorzout Cat Litter Additive. At last, here is a product which is totally, 100% natural and safe for cats, and humans. — it’s totally organic. In addition, it doesn’t simply “mask” smells or fill the air with a false, overpowering other scent — it actually absorbs and eliminates the odor completely.

I simply sprinkle a small amount of this natural cat urine odor removal product at the bottom of the tray when I change the litter and scatter a little on the top as well. The cats don’t seem to know it’s there, as it has no smell of its own for them. I use a fairly standard type of commercial clay-based litter — I tried recycled paper, but the cats objected — but friends who use different litter materials report back that Odorzout Cat Litter Additive Powder has worked as effectively for them too.

I now know that, not only does my cat litter tray not need a complete change quite so often, but also that my cats are not going to end up with some kind of intestinal disease brought about by loading chemical-based products into their litter tray. It is worth stressing that this product is so natural that if a cat should lick it or even eat it, there would be no possibility of it being harmed. In fact, Odorzout is so green that even the bottles are made of recycled plastic and the labels of recycled paper.

Cats, thank goodness, are naturally clean animals, which makes them ideal companions in an apartment such as mine. Being able to control the smells from their litter by using a natural cat urine odor removal product, namely Odorzout Cat Litter Additive Powder, makes their lives healthier and even cleaner, as well as relieving me of the one problem I had.

You can discover more about Odorzout Cat Litter Additive. It’s 100% Green and EPA certified as such. The bottles use recycled material and the labels are printed on recycled paper.

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