Names for orange cats

Our cats are like our children, so when it comes to adopting a feline one of the most important decisions will be to choose the perfect name for it. A name that identifies you in personality and physiognomy, and that in addition emphasizes all its qualities.

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Color is a characteristic that can guide us along this path of naming. Cats are very different when it comes to color, and for example, it would not be a good idea to put your cat in the name of “snow” if it is brown.

At YourCatCareguide we love being creative and we want to support you in this theme. Next we propose some names for orange cats . Curious and original names, so you can quickly give the perfect name to your pet .

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What should I take into account to choose the best name?

Cat lovers can spend weeks choosing the right name for their feline, and still have doubts after choosing it. The right (and completely understandable) is that every creature must have its own name, which will make it unique and special.

According to the psychology of colors, orange is a symbol of vitality, joy, youth and fun . Choosing a fun name for your orange cat , but at the same time with strength can be a good option given its appearance and personality. The orange color is very popular among cats, let’s see what name could fit on your pet.

For the female cats, may the joy live!

After evaluating, see many photos and several orange cats, for females, we select the following names. Certainly you will like some:

  • Amber : Sweet name, light and with a certain organic tone. At the same time, it has a mysterious touch.
  • Fanta : Bubbly and vibrant as refreshment. You want your cat to be active and playful.
  • Gina : We love this name because it looks like the feminine and delicate version of Ginger, an Anglo-Saxon name often used in orange cats. Perfect for a female of this style.
  • Cali : If you have any fascination with the California landscape of the United States, Cali will be a perfect name for your cat, which symbolizes that.
  • Mandi : It’s more beautiful to put Mandi than Mandarin to a cat. This version is funny and fun. A cat named Mandi will certainly be a good friend.
  • Adele : If you are a fan of the singer, what better way to pay her a tribute than to baptize her cat with her name. Adele is a name that epitomizes elegance and beauty. Also, if your cat has a very sharp yow and loves to sing, it will be the real Adele.
  • Peach : Translated English word means peach. If your cat is very beautiful and its orange color has a little shades of pink and in addition has a spongy and smooth hair like the skin of a peach, Peach is the ideal name.
  • Joy : It means joy in English. What better name to put on your pet! Whenever you call him will feel happy and happy and your cat will feel it too. The best names are those who have a positive emotional charge.
  • Amália : If your cat has a very strong personality and you want to pay homage to a great Portuguese fado singer, how about choosing Amália?

For male cats, it is a personality theme

For male cats we have a wide variety ranging from names of princes, movie characters and even food.

  • Garfield : We could not fail to mention these names of one of the most known cats in the world. An intelligent cat, a sleeper and a glutton. A cat that likes to be the center of attention.
  • Nacho : A fun and relaxed name for a feline.
  • Nemo : One of the best Disney films, such as forgetting this wonderful curious and brave little fish that travels the ocean in search of new adventures. This name is perfect for a daring and risky cat.
  • Tiger : For exotic cats with beautiful and imposing hair and with a certain mystique in their look. Tiger will be a domestic cat and at the same time wild.
  • Harry : You can choose Harry in honor of the Prince of England if you believe that your pet is royalty and deserves to be treated as such. Gentle and elegant cats.
  • Ron : The same thing happens with this name, but now we make mention to the personage of the famous saga “Harry Potter”. The faithful friend who gets into trouble but always comes out well.
  • Pharaoh : Cats with ancestral aspect that captivate only when passing and that seem to be very wise and intelligent. These felines that hypnotize because they have a great size and beauty.
  • Nile : In the same wave as the previous one, it is a famous river and known for its beauty and size. If you like the Egyptian lands and their culture, you can put this name to your male. Nile will be a lush, light orange cat with yellow and brown tones, like the landscape that surrounds this river.
  • Curry : You like Indian food and your favorite spice is the curry, so this is your choice. It is a name for cats with lots of personality, of orange and intense yellow tones.
  • Carrot : This is a name widely used to name the redheads of turmar. If your cat has strong orange tones, this may be a good option. If you prefer you can choose the same name in English, Carrot.

If your cat has a color other than orange, say black, see our list of names for black cats .

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