Names for dogs in Japanese

If you are reading this article from YourCatCareguide it is because you want to find the perfect name for your pet or because you will soon adopt a dog that belongs to one of the Japanese dog breeds .

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Whether it’s an Akita Inu, a Japanese Spitz or a Shiba Inu, these dog name lists in Japanese will surely help you find the one that best fits your pet’s characteristics, but remember that it does not have from being a Japanese breed to being able to by a Japanese name to your dog. It should only be to your liking and your pet to be the ideal name.

If you want to know all the Japanese dog names for males and females that we like best along with their meaning, then check out the lists below but first learn a little more about the Japanese language.

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Japanese, a booming language

Japanese is a language spoken by more than 130 million people worldwide, but it is mainly spoken in the islands of the archipelago of Japan.

The exact origin of this Asian language, of which today a great variety of dialects are due to the geological conditions and the history of its people, is not known, but it is believed that Japanese is part of the Japanese family along with other languages ​​of the Ryūkyū islands.

However, nowadays Japanese is spoken not only in this archipelago but also in many areas of Russia, the United States, North and South Korea, China, the Philippines, Mongolia, Peru, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan or Liechtenstein.

Thanks to the media and social networks, Japanese culture has come to the West and with it, a whole series of words that are increasingly heard and that more and more people are learning the usefulness of the language (not just to travel) and for the good sound of them, like the names for dogs in Japanese.

Tips for Choosing Names for Dogs in Japanese

Although dogs are very intelligent animals, their ability to understand words is limited, so before you can choose between all Japanese dog names, you should make sure that the perfect name meets a number of requirements to be able to o Recognize when calling:

  • Ideally, the name should be short and contain no more than two syllables.
  • It should have a good sound and be easily pronounced so that there is no doubt.
  • One should not look like any of the dressage orders , so the dog does not associate his name and order with the same action.
  • It is advisable to find a name according to breed, size and physical or character characteristics of the dog.
  • But you can also choose a name for your dog that is special to you, like some famous dog names .
  • The most important thing is that the name you choose is of your liking.

Names for Japanese female dogs with meaning

Next, we’ll show you a list of the names for Japanese female dogs that we like best with their meaning, to know what the Japanese name means to give your pet, to correspond with some physical aspect or personality, or simply because you like the name or what it means to you:

  • Aika – Love Song
  • Akari – Luz
  • Akemi – Beautiful, bright
  • Akira – Cheerful
  • Asami – Morning Beauty
  • Ayaka – Colorful Flower
  • Azumi – Safe place
  • Chikako – Wisdom
  • Cho – Butterfly
  • Come on – Grandiosa
  • Daisuke – Great helper
  • Eiko – Splendid
  • Emi – Blessed with beauty
  • Haru – Spring, sunshine
  • Hikari – Radiante
  • Himeko – Princesa
  • Hoschi – Star
  • Junko – Pura
  • Kasumi – Fog
  • Kiku – Chrysanthemum Flower
  • Kohana – Small flower
  • Kohaku – Amber
  • Marley – True Love
  • Minako – Bonita
  • Momoko – Peach
  • Naomi – Pretty
  • Sakura – Cherry Blossom
  • Sango – Coral
  • Sato – Sugar, very sweet
  • Shinju – Pearl
  • Sora – Heaven
  • Sumomo – Ameixa
  • Takara – Tesouro
  • Tomoko – Friendlies
  • Uniko – Navy
  • Yasu – Sereia
  • Yushiko – Boa
  • Yuko – Graciosa
  • Yuri – Lily

Names for Japanese dogs with meaning

In the following list you can find our suggestions of Japanese names for male dogs . Like the previous ones, these names for Japanese male dogs have their meaning, so you will have the task easier with regard to translation, so you can choose the one that best suits your pet by its characteristics:

  • Akachan – Baby
  • Aki – Autumn, bright
  • Ayumu – Dreaming, Desiring
  • Choko – Chocolate
  • Daichi – Inteligente
  • Daiki – Valuable, striking
  • Eiji – Good ruler
  • Fudo – God of Fire
  • Hajime – Beginning
  • Hayato- Courageous
  • Heishi – Soldado
  • Hiroki – Great Spark
  • Ichiro – First son
  • Inu – Puppy
  • Isamu – Warrior
  • Joji – Agricultor
  • Jun – Obedient
  • Kane – Dourado
  • Katsu – Victory
  • Kenichi – Fundador
  • Kin – Ouro
  • Kori – Gelo
  • Mamoru – Protector
  • Masato – Elegant
  • Nezumi – Rato
  • Nobu – Faith
  • Puchi – Small
  • Raiden – God of Thunder
  • Ronin – Samurai is not a master
  • Ryuu – Dragon
  • Satoru – Iluminado
  • Sensei – Master
  • Shiro – White
  • Shishi – Lion
  • Tora – Tigre
  • Taka – Falcao
  • Takeshi – Guerreiro feroz
  • Toshio – Genius
  • Yoshi – Good Child

Did you find the Japanese name for your dog that you wanted?

If the answer is no, do not despair because we have more alternatives to give you. Check out our suggestions for names for male dogs and for female dogs , although they are not Japanese names, you will find good options.

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