Names for black cats

Choosing the right name for the new animal that will integrate the family can be one of the most difficult tasks. Especially if we rely on their physical characteristics or personality, like the black-coated kittens, so mysterious and special. Therefore, in this article of the Expert Animal, we selected a list of the most beautiful and original names for black cats .

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These female cat names and their meanings serve both puppies and adult cats. So you just need to check out our selection of names to recognize which one best fits your cat’s personality and / or which catches your attention.

However, before deciding the ideal name for your black cat, check out some helpful tips on how to choose. This way your pet will be able to associate easily with your call. Do not miss it!

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Things to keep in mind before you choose the name for your black cat

It is true that the name of your black cat should be a choice of your liking. However, it is necessary to fulfill certain requirements for the feline to be able to retain and know what you want to say when you relate it to that word.

The name of your black cat should be short and understandable . Try to make it easier for your little companion to understand using 2-syllable words and good sound, so there will be no room for confusion.

Speaking of confusion, your feline name should not look like any other word you use regularly, whether to name other people or pets. So this will be perfectly differentiated from the rest of your vocabulary.

Also, repeat the name many times so your furry friend knows that you are identifying her. Cats can take from 5 to 10 days to relate to the name.

Therefore, it is ideal that it be a single name and be in accordance with the personality, with the physical characteristics or with the two at the same time. In addition to being a vocative that catches your attention like the names for female cats in Japanese that we propose in this other article.

Finally, if you have not decided on any of the black cat names we present, you can make a list of short names for cats that are more comprehensive and not as specific as your hair color.

Names for black female cats

Considering the exotic fur of these felines and what has been said in the previous section, we made a selection with the most charming names of black cats that meet the personality of each pet:

  • Asud: means “black” in Arabic. It is ideal for the cats to look penetrating and more profiled than the owner.
  • Bagheera: From the movie “Mogli: The Boy Wolf”, refers to the black panther that saves Mogli and helps him to survive. In the film, it appears as a male feline, but also catches the cats who show great strength and courage.
  • Bastet: She is the feline goddess of ancient Egypt, protector of the home and the human race, and goddess of harmony and happiness. Her coat was completely black, so if your kitten is as divine as her, do not hesitate to pay homage to her.
  • Beltza: is the translation of the word “negra” in Basque. This name is perfect for those coarse or irritable cats, who have a great character and are very independent.
  • Black: another word that means “black” comes from English. We know it is one of the most typical names for a black cat, but it never loses its charm.
  • Witch or Witch: In Portuguese or English, this name combines with those lovely personality cats, however, they reveal their discontent when something does not please them.
  • Crotchet: is the translation of ” Oitava ” in English, that is, the eighth musical note. It can be used to name those kittens who do not stop “talking” in their language and purr.
  • Eclipse: is the phenomenon that occurs when one celestial body overlaps another and covers it, blocking its light. This name is perfect if your cat has yellow or orange eyes and the coat is completely black like the Bombay breed.
  • Star or Star: following with the heavenly bodies, if your cat dazzles you every time you pass by her or is always in the clouds, distracted, this name is perfect for her.
  • Magic: means “magic” in English and can combine with those seductive and unmistakable looking kittens.
  • Mystery or Mystic: is the translation of “mysterious” and “mystical” respectively. Black cats have a special halo of mystery, that name may fall very well on your feline.
  • Negress: means “black woman of African origin” in English. This name may be perfect for kittens who tend to have attitudes that look like a human.
  • Nigrum: it means “black” in Latin and surely there are not many kittens that call themselves so, we highly recommend this so original name.
  • Nit, Night, Night: means the same in Catalan, Spanish, Galician or Portuguese respectively and are 3 different ways to call your black cat if she has the coat as the sky when nightfall.
  • Onyx: is the translation of “onyx” in English and makes reference to the mineral of black color, considered a semiprecious stone. If your cat has an overwhelming beauty, choose this name without doubting!
  • Pech: means “bitumen” in German. This name is perfect for those black kittens with very shiny, soft and beautiful fur.
  • Black: from our Portuguese. If you prefer to use the native language, put this name and it will triumph.
  • Salem: it is the name of the ancient city where many women, “supposed” witches and their black cats, were judged by black magic. It is also the famous cat of the series “Sabrina, Apprentice Sorceress”. It serves both male and female cats.
  • Selina: refers to the name of “Catwoman” or “Catwoman,” the fictional character of DC Comics who always wears a black suit and wanders the streets of Gotham at night. A perfect name for authentic feline heroines.
  • Shadow: it means “shadow” in English and blends perfectly with a black cat, since it is a beautiful and unusual name.
  • Truffle: like edible mushrooms that are a real delicacy or the chocolate cream and butter used in pastries. This name is perfect for sweet and greedy kittens who love to eat.
  • Widow: is the translation of “widow” in English and makes reference to the black widow, a species of venomous spider known for eating his partner after the mating. If your cat is arsca or little affectionate, however, beautiful, this name may be ideal.

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