10 myths and truths about dogs

There are many myths that surround the dog world: they see black and white, a human year equals seven years of dog, they eat grass to purge themselves … How many things like these we hear from dogs and we believe they are true? What is the truth in all this?

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we want to deny some of the most famous inventions we have heard. Do not miss these 10 myths and truths about dogs .

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1. One human year equals seven canine years

False . It is true that dogs age faster than humans, but it is impossible to calculate the equivalence in years of each one exactly. This type of forecast is orientative and very subjective .

It all depends on the development of the dog , not everyone has the same life expectancy, small dogs can live longer than the big ones. What is certain is that, taking into account the average life expectancy of dogs, from 2 years are considered adults and from 9, elderly.

2. The dogs only see black and white

False . In fact, dogs see the world in color . It is true that they do not perceive it in the same way as we do, but they can distinguish colors like blue and yellow and have more difficulty with warm colors such as red and pink. The dogs are able to discriminate between different colors and this is scientifically proven.

3. If the dog has a dry nose it means that he is sick

False . How many times did you get scared because your dog’s nose was dry and he thought he had a fever? Although most of the time dogs have a damp nose, they may get dry with heat or because they just wake up from a nap, like you do when you sleep with your mouth open. You should only worry about other, stranger symptoms such as blood, mucus, wounds, lumps, etc.

4. Dogs eat grass to purge themselves

A half truth. There are several theories in this regard, but in fact not all dogs vomit after eating grass, so this does not seem to be the main reason. They may eat it because they eat fiber or simply because they like it.

5. Before sterilizing a bitch, it is good to have a litter

False . Being a mother does not improve your health and does not make you feel more fulfilled, so it is totally unnecessary for them to become pregnant. In fact, it is best to sterilize them as soon as possible to avoid health problems such as cysts, tumors or psychological 

6. Potentially dangerous dogs are very aggressive

It’s totally false. The potentially dangerous dogs are considered dangerous for their strength and muscles, as well as the percentage of damage recorded in hospitals. However we must take into account that this value is a bit indicative, taking into account that the wounds of small dogs do not usually end up in clinical centers, thus not completing the statistics.

Unfortunately, many of them are educated for the fights, so they become aggressive and develop psychological problems, hence their bad name. But the truth is that educating them well will not be more dangerous than any other dog . Proof of this is the reference made by the Kennel Club about the American Pitt bull terrier , which describes him as a friendly dog, even with strangers.

7. Potentially dangerous dogs block the jaw when biting

False . This myth is provoked again by the strength these dogs have. Because of the powerful muscles they have, when they bite it may appear that their jaws are blocked, but they can open their mouths just like any other dog, they simply may not want to do so.

8. Dogs lick wounds to heal themselves

A half truth. How many times have you heard that dogs can heal a wound by licking themselves. The truth is that licking a little can help to clean the wound, but doing so in excess prevents healing, otherwise they would wear the Elizabethan necklace when they are operated on or injured.

If you watch your dog compulsively licking a wound, you may find yourself with an acral granuloma, something that should be treated immediately.

9. Dogs love to be hugged

False . In fact the dogs hate their hugs. What to you is a gesture of affection, for them it is an intrusion of your personal space . It also causes them to retract and become blocked, without the possibility of escaping, which causes them to feel stress and discomfort.

10. The dogs’ mouths are cleaner than ours.

False . This is the last point of the myths and truths about dogs that we are going to show you. The fact that you have a perfectly desparasitado dog does not mean that your mouth is clean. When you go down the street you probably lick something you would never lick, so the hygiene of a dog’s mouth is not greater than that of a human.

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