10 myths about or Pitbull

The dogs of the breed American Pit Bull Terrier are the most controversial and newsworthy dogs today. As may be expected, under these circumstances, there are many myths surrounding this breed. What do you think about the Pitbulls? Could I have one?

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We will offer you the 10 most common myths about Pitbull dogs and we will explain to you why these beliefs exist and whether they are right or not.

Discover in this article of YourCatCareguide based on the 10 myths about the Pitbull , its authentic character, its personality and the reason of these myths.

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1. All Pitbulls are aggressive and dangerous

Despite the bad reputation this breed receives, not all Pitbulls are aggressive or dangerous. Quite the contrary, most of them are animals that do not cause great problems or put anyone at risk. But that does not mean that all American Pit Bull Terrier dogs are sociable and very friendly. This will depend entirely on the type of education you have received.

Aggressiveness and danger depend on each particular dog and is not an exclusive trait of a breed. In this way, there are Pitbull puppies that can show aggressiveness and Pitbull puppies that are sociable. This depends on the dogs’ genetics, their socialization , the Pitbull’s training, the care they receive from their owners, and the way they are treated and controlled.

2. Pitbull’s jaws are

A myth as common as absurd. There is no different anatomical or physiological mechanism in the Pitbull that allows its jaws to become blocked. In this sense, Pitbull’s bite is exactly like any other dog’s bite .

This myth relates not only to the Pitbull, but to many other dog breeds. One also hears that the Boxer , the American Staffordshire Terrier and other dogs have the capacity to lock their jaws when they bite, but it is simply an absurd myth.

3. The Pitbull Brain Grows More Than Your Skull Allows

It is said that the brain of the Pitbull grows more than the skull allows and so these dogs go crazy and become aggressive. It is completely false that the brain grows more than the skull allows in any normal Pitbull and any normal dog.

This myth originated in relation to the dog Doberman when this was the dreaded race of the moment. But it’s not true, either in Doberman or Pitbull. If the brain grows larger than the skull allows, the dogs would simply die.

4. The Pitbull bite exceeds 1600 psi (pound)

One of the most widespread myths is that Pitbull has a bite pressure that exceeds 1600 psi, which in the metric system equals 112.49 kilograms-force per square centimeter.

Measuring the bite pressure of any animal other than that of humans is very difficult, since the experimental subjects can not be asked for, and precise data can not be obtained. However, some measurements have been made that give an idea of ​​the bite power of dogs and other animals.

National Geographic made measurements of bites of different species, among which are the dogs. Although these studies are not scientifically rigorous, they provide data that at least allow the Pitbull bite pressure myth to be evaluated.

In the researches carried out it was verified that the average bite in dogs reached 320 psi and that Pitbull is not the breed with the highest bite pressure. It has also been estimated that the bite of lions, hyenas and tigers is around 1000 psi.

Thus, if Pitbulls had a 1600 psi bite they would overcome a lion’s bite. It would be impossible to train Schutzhund or do defense training with these dogs, because they would simply undo the protective sleeves, along with the arms of the extras. A frequent myth, but one that does not come close to reality.

5. The temperament of the Pitbull is unstable and unpredictable

It is also said that the temperament of the Pitbull is unpredictable and that at any moment can attack both known and unknown without giving any signal. This is false .

Healthy Pitbull puppies show all the signs of stress that other dogs have. Besides, his temperament is very stable and it is very strange to attack without reason. In fact, temperament tests done by the American Temperament Test Society suggest that the Pitbull have a more stable temperament than most canine breeds .

6. The Pitbull is aggressive with us because of his history as a dog of fights

The dogfights that occurred in the nineteenth century happened in wells where the dogs were subjected to this cruelty and their respective owners. At the end of the fights, people had to pick up their dogs (the winners) to get them out of the pit. Therefore, the creation that was done selected aggressive animals with other dogs, but with ease to socialize with people.

Thus, throughout history, the Pitbulls were selected to be friendly with us, even though in many cases they were also chosen to be aggressive with other animals. This also occurred with most breeds of terrier dogs and with many hunting dogs. Of course, there are Pitbull dogs that are aggressive with people, but this does not have to do directly with the history of the breed nor is it a feature of it.

In fact, in the last century the Pit Bull Terrier was used as a nanny dog for its excellent social qualities. It’s a simply exceptional dog.

7. A Pit Bull that attacks other dogs or animals will also be aggressive with us

False . Dogs are able to distinguish between different animals (including humans) and being aggressive with one species does not mean that they are going to be aggressive with another.

Hunting dogs are an excellent example of this. They can chase and brutally attack prey they hunt, but they do not hurt their humans at all. Something similar happens with the shepherd dogs that are able to kill predators but live peacefully with sheep and humans.

With the Pitbull the same thing happens. Some Pit Bull dogs have attacked other dogs or other animals, but that does not mean they will necessarily be aggressive with us.

8. Pit Bulls do not feel pain when they fight

Pit Bulls feel pain as much as other dogs, but during emotionally intense activities this pain can pass into the background because the other physiological responses are more important for the survival of the body.

This happens also with dogs of other races that can endure very painful situations due to the adrenaline of the moment. It also happens to people and basically to any animal.

The Pit Bull feel pain yes and do not deserve to be subjected to cruel fights.

9. All Pit Bulls fight with other dogs

It’s not true that all Pit Bulls fight with other dogs. There are Pitbull dogs that react with other dogs (for dominance, fear, …) and can not socialize well with their own species, but there are also Pit Bull dogs that are very friendly with others of their kind.

Most are in the middle, without being particularly aggressive or sociable with theirs. Therefore, each Pit Bull should be evaluated as an individual and not as a breed. Some of these dogs will be sociable with dogs and others not so much.

10. An Aggressive Pit Bull Can not Be Rehabilitated

Some Pit Bulls who develop aggressive behaviors or who have been used for fights should go a long way to rehabilitate themselves (and not everyone can do it completely). However, many of them can be perfectly rehabilitated based on a systematic program of socialization and canine training geared to their needs, always in the hands of a professional experienced in this type of behavior. Again, each case should be evaluated individually and not all dogs of the breed should be judged as one individual.

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