Mythological names for dogs

If you like mythology, ancient history and its most powerful deities , this is the perfect place to find an original and unique name for your pet. Using an extravagant and exotic name is ideal for dogs with personality. Remember that you should use shorter names that are easy to learn and difficult to confuse with other common words in your usual vocabulary. Then in YourCatCareguide you will find some suggestions of mythological names for dogs .

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Dog Names of Norse or Viking Mythology

The Norse mythology or Scandinavian is to relate to the ancient Vikings and comes from Northern Germanic peoples. It is a mixture of religion, beliefs and legends. There was no sacred book or truth handed down from the gods to men. It was transmitted orally and in the form of poetry.

  • Nidhogg – Dragon that lives in the roots of the world.
  • Asgard – High region of heaven where the gods live.
  • Hela – Guard the world of the dead.
  • Dagr and Nótt – The day and the night.
  • Máni and Hati – The moon and the wolf that chases after her.
  • Odin – The most noble and important god.
  • Thor – The god of thunder who has iron gloves.
  • Bragi – God of wisdom.
  • Heimdall – Son of nine maidens, he guards the gods and almost does not sleep.
  • Höor – Mysterious blind god.
  • Vidar – Melancholic and sad this god solves any conflict.
  • Váli – God of the archer soldiers.
  • Ullr – God of close combat.
  • Loki – Unpredictable and capricious God, creates caus and chance.
  • Vanir – God of the sea, nature and forests.
  • Jotuns – Giants, beings wise and dangerous to man.
  • Surt and Hrym – Giants leading the forces of destruction.
  • Valkyries – Female characters, beautiful and strong warriors, took to Valhalla the fallen heroes in the battle.
  • Valhalla – Hall of the Argard, ruled by Odin and where the brave ones rest.
  • Fenrir – Giant Wolf.

Dog Names of Greek Mythology

The Greek mythology has myths and legends dedicated to their gods and heroes. They respond to the nature of the world and its origins. It was the region of Ancient Greece and we can find a great variety of figures to whom they dedicated histories that were transmitted orally.

The Twelve Olympians:

  • Zeus – King of the Gods, heaven and thunder.
  • Hera – Goddess of marriage and family.
  • Poseidon – Lord of the seas, earthquakes and horses.
  • Dionisio – God of wine and feasts.
  • Apollo – God of light, sun, poetry and archery.
  • Artemis – Virgin goddess of hunting, childbirth and all animals.
  • Hermes – Messenger of the gods, god of commerce and thieves.
  • Atenea – Virgin goddess of wisdom.
  • Ares – God of violence, war and blood.
  • Aphrodite – Goddess of love and desire.
  • Hephaestus – God of fire and metals.
  • Demeter – Goddess of fertility and agriculture.

Other elements suggest names of Greek mythology and Ancient Greece:

  • Troy – Famous war between Greeks and Trojans.
  • Athens – The most important Poli in Greece.
  • Magno – In honor of Alexander the Great, conqueror of Persia.
  • Plato – Important philosopher.
  • Achilles – Heroic Warrior.
  • Cassandra – Priestess.
  • Alóadas – The giants that defied the gods.
  • Moiras – Givers of the life and destiny of men.
  • Galateia – Steal hearts.
  • Hercules – Strong and powerful demigod.
  • Cyclops – Name given to the mythological giants.

Dog Names of Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian mythology includes ancient Egyptian beliefs from the pre-dynasty to the imposition of Christianity. More than 3,000 years of development have borne fruit to deities characterized by animals and later dozens of gods have appeared.

Main Deities:

  • Ra, Ammon, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Maat, Ptah, Thot .

Temples of worship:

  • Deir El-Bahari, Karnak, Luxor, Abu Simbel, Abydos,
  • Ramesseum, Medinet Habu, Edfu, Dendera, Kom Ombo.

Some of the most important pharaohs:

  • Narmer, Zoser, Keops, Khafre, Amosis, Tuthmosis, Hatshepsut,
  • Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Seti, Ramses, Ptolemy, Cleopatra.

Other interesting names:

  • Horus – God of the heavens.
  • The “Guardian of the Necropolis” or Desert Jackal – Puppy.
  • Anubis – The Nile crocodile.
  • Nun – Heaven and abode of the gods.
  • Nefertiti – Queen of Egypt in the reign of Akhenaten.
  • Geb – The Land of Men.
  • Duat – The kingdom of the dead where Osiris ruled.
  • Opet – Ceremonial Center, a festival.
  • Thebes – Capital of ancient Egypt.
  • Athyr – Myth of Osiris.
  • Tybi – Appearance of Isis.
  • Neith – Goddess of war and hunting.
  • Nile – River of life in Egypt.
  • Mithra – Divinity that dethroned the Persian deities.

Dog Names of Roman Mythology

The Roman mythology is based mainly in the indigenous myths and cults that later merged with others coming from Greek mythology.

Main Roman gods:

  • Aurora – Goddess of the dawn.
  • Bacchus – God of wine.
  • Belona – Roman goddess of war.
  • Diana – Goddess of hunting and witchcraft.
  • Flora – Goddess of flowers.
  • Janus – God of change and transitions.
  • Jupiter – The main god.
  • Irene – Goddess of peace.
  • Mars – God of war.
  • Neptune – God of the seas.
  • Pluto – God of hells and wealth.
  • Saturn – God to time.
  • Vulcan – God of fire and metals –
  • Venus – Goddess of love, beauty and fertility.
  • Victory – Goddess of victory.
  • Zephyr – God of the south-west wind.

Roman Emperors:

  • Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Caesar.
  • Galba, Otto, Vitellius, Titus, Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Comfortable, Severus.

Other names related to Roman mythology:

  • Crete – Cradle of the Roman people.
  • Curia – the oldest Roman assembly.
  • Iniuria – Advantage.
  • Liber – less agricultural gods that bring us words like Insitor (the planting) and Messor(the harvest).
  • Magna homeland – Great homeland .
  • Sidera – Heaven.
  • Vixit – Unseen.

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