Guinea pig ringworm – diagnosis and treatment

Mycosis, also called dermatophytosis, in guinea pigs is a common disease in these animals.

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The intense itching that this disease causes is very uncomfortable for the piglet and this is the main symptom that leads the tutors to the veterinary clinic of exotic animals.

If your piglet has this disease diagnosed or you suspect that it has this problem, YourCatCareguide will explain everything you need to know about the ringworm in India .

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Guinea Pig Fungi

This common disease of the guinea pig is often confused with scabies, having in common some of the clinical signs. Therefore, it is very important to consult a veterinarian for a correct diagnosis, since the treatment for an Indian pig with ringworm is not the same as for an Indian pig with scabies.

The most common sites for the appearance of these fungi in guinea pigs are:

  • Head
  • Legs
  • Back

Generally, fungi cause characteristic lesions : round, hairless and sometimes inflamed and crusted. In some more severe cases, piglets may develop papules, pustules and intense itching.

If you notice your little piggy from India scratching too much or checking that it has some head or body damage, be alert, it may have a yeast infection! Tell your veterinarian of exotic animals to confirm the diagnosis, as this may be confused with other dermatological problems such as scabies, which has a totally different treatment.

There are two types of fungi that can be found in the ringworm of India, namely:

  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes (the most common)
  • Microsporum canis

The most likely cause for your Guinea pig to have this fungi type, is the contact with other infected Guinea pigs! Environments with poor hygiene or overpopulation of animals are also highly conducive to this problem.

India’s pig ringworm in humans?

Dermatophytosis has a zoonotic potential . That is, it can be transmitted to humans. Fungi have the ability to survive in the environment and so it is very important to do a correct hygiene of the guinea pig cage in India.

Diagnosis of ringworm in Guinea pig

The diagnosis can be made based on the clinical signs, through a test with ultraviolet lamp, cytology and culture.

Generally, this disease affects young animals, which have not yet fully developed their immune system, or animals immunosuppressed by some disease.

It is important to note that some animals are asymptomatic (about 5-14% of the guinea pigs with this problem), which means that you will not be able to observe any symptoms of the disease.

In healthy animals, this is a disease that resolves on its own, usually after 100 days. That is why it is so important to provide good food for your piglet in India , as it is the essential point for him to be healthy.

Although in healthy animals this disease is self-resolving, proper treatment is essential to speed up the process.

How to treat ringworm in Guinea pig

After making the diagnosis, the veterinarian prescribes an antifungal treatment . The drugs of choice are itraconazole, griseofulvin and fluconazole. In addition, baths can be made with antifungal shampoos and antifungal lotions for topical application!

In addition to a correct treatment for the mycosis of the guinea pig, it is essential to make a correct disinfection of the environment because, as we have already mentioned, fungi are transmissible between guinea pigs and also to humans.

You can do this deep cleaning of the cage and the environment in which the guinea pig lives, with water and bleach , for example. Prepare a solution of 1:10 ratio, ie one part bleach to 10 water.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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