My dog ​​has a wheezy breath, is it normal?

If you decide to adopt a dog, you should make sure before you can respond to all your needs, some of them being time, affection and socialization with the human family. In addition, spending time with your dog allows you to observe and understand your habitual behavior, making it much easier to identify any signs that may indicate a disease.

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One of these signs may be wheezing, although as you will see below, it does not always hide a disease, since it is also a physiological mechanism that occurs several times.

If you live with a dog, you have already wondered if it is normal for my dog ​​to have a wheezing . In the following YourCatCareguide article we will address this issue and clarify your doubts.

Giving, a physiological mechanism

The wheezing of the dogs is mainly a regulating mechanism to keep the body temperatureat an appropriate level, since by drawing the tongue and inhaling air quickly they are able to lower the temperature and get rid of the excess heat they may be accumulating, through evaporation .

The wheezing mechanism usually occurs when the dog’s body temperature increases to 38-39 degrees, because dogs have sweat glands on their pads, they are not enough for an effective cooling process .

Normal causes of wheezing in the dog

If your dog gasps a lot and is not due to heat or exercise then it may be due to other factors that are not pathological and that obey other causes such as the following:

  • Stress and Fear : Just as a person suffers from anxiety, when a dog is afraid (of going to the veterinarian or before pyrotechnics) or is stressed, his whole body undergoes physiological changes and increases the heart rate, as well as the respiratory rate, causing the breath to breath.
  • Excessive joy : When the dog is very happy (because he has arrived home or because he returns from a day care center), it is also normal to change his vital functions and increase his breathing rate giving way to wheezing.

However, it should be borne in mind that although wheezing is normal in a stressful situation, when this situation is prolonged in time it is imperative to consult the veterinarian, as the stress on the dog can have harmful consequences for the health of the same.

Pathological causes of wheezing in the dog

Unfortunately, sometimes the wheezing can be a sign of illness, so it is so important to recognize these situations in advance so that you can act quickly:

  • Heat stroke : Breathing is one of the main symptoms that appears when a dog suffers from a heat stroke , which is usual during the summer. In this case one observes a very fast breathing and the presence of excessive salivation.
  • Overweight and obesity : As with humans, being overweight and obese are situations that predispose the body to various diseases. A dog that carries many pounds will have a harder time maintaining a normal body temperature, so it will gasp more often.
  • Poisoning : Increased respiratory rate and excessive wheezing can be symptoms of poisoning in the dog. Depending on the toxic substance, vomiting, lethargy or neurological changes may also be observed.

In cases where the dog suffers from any respiratory or coronary condition , the wheezing will also occur as a symptom of the same. Therefore, in these cases it is imperative that the veterinarian perform a periodic follow-up to evaluate the health of the dog and the effectiveness of the pharmacological treatment in cases where it is necessary.

Consult the veterinarian before warning signs

If excessive panting does not correspond clearly with a situation of emotional tension, but appears accompanied by other signs that may indicate that something is not right, do not hesitate to take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

In addition to being a regulatory mechanism, panting can hide very serious organic changes, so they also need veterinary attention as soon as possible.

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