My dog ​​is jealous of the baby, what to do?

When we adopt and take home a dog it is as if we had a child, we want to give him all the love and attention possible to grow healthy and happy. All these years our energy is directed towards the dog.

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But what happens when a new family member arrives? A baby? What happens is that everything can change in a matter of days and if we do not deal with it correctly, it can lead to the relationship with our pet as well as its relationship with this new baby becomes a bit complicated.

If you are a mom and you are going through this situation, in this article of ExpertAnimal we will explain to you what to do if your dog is jealous of the baby , giving you tips for harmony between your dog and baby and the whole family.

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Someone new arrived

Imagine that you are a dog and that all the love of your dad and mom is for you. But suddenly a beautiful and loving but demanding baby screams home to take all the family’s attention. Your world crumbles.

Faced with this new dynamic, dogs may feel jealous of being displaced within the new family life, and being such sensitive creatures, they perceive as if there is no place for them in the heart of the family. In addition to jealousy, they may be resentful, fearful, depressed, and there may be physical manifestations such as certain adverse reactions with the baby.

The truth is it’s not the baby’s or the dog’s fault. And often it is not from the parents, this is an automatic and unconscious dynamics that occurs in the family nucleus but that it is important to detect in time to avoid the disconnection between the dog and the baby. The most important thing is to give everyone their time and space, to involve the dog in the new family dynamics and to try to make the whole process as natural as possible.

Before the arrival of the baby

Most dogs accept the arrival of a new baby home, even if the puppy has been very liked before. However, there are one or the other who usually have worse character or difficulties to adapt and who could not take the situation so lightly. To not exceed the limits of jealousy and inappropriate behaviors, it is best to prevent and prepare your puppy for the arrival of the baby.

First you must know dog psychology and understand that dogs are territorial animals, so not only is the house your territory, but so are you. So it is normal for your dog to feel a little jealous of your baby because it felt put aside within their own territory. Your routines will change (something you do not like very much) since you will not be able to sleep in certain places nor enjoy your full attention, and because the dogs are also very intelligent animals, you will find that it is due to the presence of this new “son”.

You should prepare the ground before the routine change :

  • The dogs get stressed with the changes . If you are thinking of moving the furniture or remodeling some space, do it with before the arrival of the baby, this way the dog will get used to it little by little and will not relate it to the baby.
  • Do not completely isolate your baby’s room pet , let it smell and see new things. By the time the baby arrives, the dog will not be so eager and curious to smell a new space already known to him.
  • Spend time with other children while being with your dog, be fair and divide your attention in equal parts. It is important that the dog see that it is totally normal to share it with other people. See also how you react to such chaos and correct any negative behavior in time.

Despite this, he remains jealous

In most cases, dogs continue to be jealous because they feel more and more distant from their heart. Solid change will build on some issues like the following:

  • The first thing to do is to analyze what the behaviors the dog is having with the baby and observe if these could become aggressive type. If they become larger, consult an expert in canine behavior or ethologist .
  • Review your behavior . Try to spend more quality time with him, give him pampering, respect (as much as possible) your space, your dynamics and your time. Do not ignore it while you are with the baby. It is normal for everything to change, however, try to make the changes not so abrupt. Above all, remember that your dog remains part of the family.
  • Toys are the key . Baby toys should be separated from your pet’s toys. If your dog tries to pick up a toy that is not yours, take it out and direct your attention to a toy that is his. If your puppy plays naturally with his toys, reward him. The same thing happens if the baby is looking for the puppy’s toy. Think you have two kids now.

Things to consider

  • Rub a little coconut oil or almonds into your puppy’s toys and cuddly toys, it will associate the scent with your stuff.
  • Let the dog smell and see the baby. Remember that it is important not to isolate your puppy from the baby.
  • Keep your puppy healthy and clean, this will give you more confidence when your baby is close to him.
  • Never scold or aggressively move your puppy when you approach the baby in a curious way.
  • It is preferable that you never leave them alone, however good they may be at some point, both the dog and the baby may be unpredictable.
  • Take time each day to be alone with your dog.
  • Perform fun activities with the dog and baby at the same time. Promote interaction and affection between them.

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