My dog ​​eats very fast, what to do?

If the dog eats too fast it can become a serious problem, especially if you suffer from stomach sensitivity, larynx or if you simply get too full. Whatever the reason your dog eats too fast, in YourCatCareguide we will offer you some very useful advice to solve this problem. Keep reading this article to know what to do if your dog eats too fast , and take notes of the suggestions we give you to help your dog eat properly.

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Distribute the quantities

One reason why your dog may eat too fast may be due to hunger, because if you offer him all of your daily food in just one meal, he will not be satiated for the rest of the day.

For this, it is important to divide the food into two meals , offer 2/3 at noon and 1/3 at night, balancing the diet is the best option for your dog not to have this feeling of hunger.

Remember that you must properly follow the quantities indicated on the package, you can use a kitchen scale to get accustomed to the exact dose you need.

Use intelligence games

A very effective way to make your dog eat slower is to use intelligence games. These are approved toys that do not represent any harm to your health, as is the case of kong .

You should fill the kong with regular food and let it empty it little by little , this way you will eat in a large way because the toy itself does not allow it to do it faster. There is a large amount and variety of intelligence toys that do a similar function, but for its safety attributes we certainly recommend using kong, a toy that you can find in pet shops.

Choking while you eat?

If you notice that as a consequence of the dog eating fast, it chokes , so should consult a veterinarian . The truth is that it can be a problem of larynx, esophagus, stomach, …

To try to improve the situation until you go to the specialist, you can use a bench, a cardboard box or other surface to raise your feeder . Especially if it is a large dog, this will work well.

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Reduce your stress levels

Another factor that can make the dog eat very fast may be the fact of suffering from stress. Puppies who live in refuges, those who do not walk the times who need or do not exercise but need, are susceptible to stress .

Knowing what to do before a stressed dog will depend on how it affects the dog in question, but overall it is something that we can solve with patience, affection and lots of love.

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