My dog ​​does not want to walk in the street – What to do?

Sometimes when you go for a walk in the street, your dog may stop and do not want to walk anymore. Rest assured that you are not the only one, there are many people who go through the same situation.

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The fact that your dog does not want to walk on the street can indicate several factors, so in this article of YourCatCareguide we will help you with practical and efficient solutions that will guide you to solve this problem.

Learn why your dog does not want to walk down the street and know what to do to solve this problem.

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Why does the dog stop during the ride?

The fact that your dog stops in the middle of the street can be for many different causes and it is our duty to observe our pet’s behavior to know what is happening and why it is doing so.

If you can not identify the causes that make your dog do not want to walk, in YourCatCareguide we will show you the most common causes:

  • Your dog is learning to walk.
  • He did not learn to walk properly.
  • He suffers from stress and during the walk does not relax (the fact of smelling the soil, excrement, etc., is an indication that he is relaxing).
  • Are afraid (of dogs, bicycles, cars or people).
  • You have pain in the paw pads.
  • There’s another kind of pain.
  • It is a dog of old age.
  • Do not take the breaks the dog needs.
  • He is entertained with a stimulus that attracts him.

Once the cause is identified , you should act as soon as possible and for this to continue reading this article to know the practical solutions in each of these cases.

Puppies – Learning

If you have a puppy that is discovering the street for the first time, it is normal that you do not want to walk and stop once in a while. Your puppy is in the moment of socialization , a learning process of the environment, other pets and people, in which he wants and must discover everything that surrounds him.

It is essential to allow you to do what you want, at least outside the home, in this way you will understand that the tour is a moment dedicated to your entertainment, fun and relaxation. You must allow it to stop, smell, and take time to discover all that surrounds you. Also, remember to pay attention to the whole world to prevent your puppy from suffering from a bad experience as it could result in trauma in the future.

To prevent the dog from quitting constantly, you can use a larger dog as a guide to stimulate and teach you how to behave in a natural way. You can also use treats to get your attention, keep you going, and reward appropriate behavior during the ride.

Adult dogs that do not know how to walk

There are adult dogs that due to poor socialization or an incomplete learning process do not know how to walk properly, seem to be unaccustomed to walking. In general, abandoned dogs that do not receive adequate attention in their most important stages of life are usually in this segment .

For this, we can use a system identical to the previous one and adopt or walk with a dog that already has taken the walk in the street like a natural act. It is beneficial to use another animal to help you relax and understand the rules of the walk on the street. Dogs are social animals that live inside a pack, so it is not surprising that others are used as an example, in addition dogs can learn even as adults .

To prevent him from quitting if he does not want to walk, it is crucial to teach him to walk again little by little, reshaping his behavior on the street. We recommend that you use calm and relaxed surroundings, giving you goodies and prizes and that guides you in a quiet way on the street. Do not rebuke or punish him, this will only make the situation worse.

Stress or Fear

Those dogs that do not fulfill the 5 freedoms of animal welfare are susceptible to suffering from stress. There is also the case of dogs with fear, when they are usually abandoned to their luck, bitten by other dogs or run over by a bicycle.

In these cases it is necessary a therapy by the ethologist expert , since it is not a simple problem of lack of learning your puppy suffers and it goes bad during the ride. Before turning to a professional it is imperative that you notice the factors that cause your puppy to suffer from fear or stress, keep in mind that the more you know, the better you can help. These can be several and will depend on the dog and its history.

You can try to soften the situation by walking around in quieter environments, spending time exercising with your pet and making treats and prizes to offer.

Pain and disease

There are health problems in the dog that, thanks to clear symptoms, we can easily identify: fever, a tumor, blood … But on the other hand there are diseases that go unnoticed and that we do not realize until after a while.

It is important to spend at least half an hour periodically reviewing our pet . This includes palpating the entire body to find tumors, checking the ears and eyes for an infection, making sure the dog does not have a fever, checking the paw pads to see if they are not bad, etc.

If you do this regularly, you may anticipate a serious illness and in this case, for example, identify worn pads, a light fracture, or a broken nail.

An old dog

Older dogs are pets with very special and particular needs. If your dog is starting in old age, you may begin to suffer from senile dementia or usual age problems such as:

  • Tumors
  • Deafness
  • Blindness
  • Anemia
  • Dehydration
  • Obesity
  • Muscle pain
  • Apathy

It is important to consult the veterinarian more regularly than in the case of adult dogs (at least every 6 months) and with the same frequency carry out a blood test to rule out possible anemia. Once the veterinarian identifies the particular case is when the owner can understand why his dog, who has always walked well, now to the street or back to back, it is about the age, the dog is getting older.

To walk better a dog of old advanced remember that it must adapt his pace and not give tours more than 30 minutes. Try to always repeat the same places to avoid getting disoriented and pay attention not to hit any object. Lastly, we recommend you not to pull, as this may cause you discomfort.

Also inquire about the care of an elderly dog and activities for elderly dogs .

A correct tour

On many websites you can find a very generalized type of phrases such as “do not let your dog walk you, you walk it”, “is a very dominant dog” or “make him walk beside you “.

In our opinion, all these statements are from people who are unaware of the positive trainingdog needs and basic advice for a good ride. It is important to devote time and information on how many times a dog should walk a day, and what are the minimum requirements for your pet to feel good and stress-free.

For a walk to be carried out correctly, should give the dog freedom to smell and urinate relaxed, it is important to reward tranquility. In addition, you should act if you know that your dog has high energy levels by practicing exercise with your puppy on a regular basis.

Do not give him tugs or push him if he does not behave properly, it is preferable to give him treats to encourage him to go forward, to listen to him, and so on.


Finally, we’ll tell you the last reason why your dog might not want to walk on the street, your dog is easily distracted . It may be due to eye contact with other dogs, people who catch your eye, food stalls, etc.

It is important to give the dog some freedom during the tour. If you have the need to relate, there is no harm in doing so. Remember that the dog spends time alone, can not stay with his “friends” when he wants, just can do it during the ride. For this reason, it is important to be permissive and understand that the ride is a special time when the dog is the protagonist . Let him distract himself if he wants to, do not pull or push, it is preferable to draw your attention with pieces of ham or animal treats.

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