My dog ​​does not want to eat ration

Many people are looking for solutions to their dog’s problem, which refuses to eat food and keeps it in the bowl of food for days. This is a common problem and can happen to any dog.

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If you are worried about this situation and want to put an end to this problem so that everything continues with normality, continue reading this article of YourCatCareguide, because it is very important that you know the causes and the solution of why your dog does not want to eat ration .

Because my dog ​​does not want to eat ration

Ideally, the dog should eat the metered food, like us, in two or three meals spreadthroughout the day at fixed times, and that the diet be a little varied (combine ration with occasional wet and homemade diets).

Possible causes that cause your dog to not eat feed :

  • Before we see if this is a problem of another type, we must make sure that our dog is completely healthy, that is, it is not a health problem. For this, it is best to go with him to a veterinarian.
  • If you do not provide a varied diet, the dog will be depressed eating the same thing, and may need other nutrients, vitamins or proteins. It may be that he simply does not like the ration he is offering or is of poor quality.
  • Giving him human food is a big mistake, since in addition to damaging his digestion, it can lead to health problems and even reinforce the fact that he does not want to eat ration once he has tried better food.
  • The dog knows that if he does not eat, he will receive another kind of more appetizing food. If your dog refuses to eat dry food and when you do not wait and then offer you moist or human food, it is normal that you continue to reject the feed.

The type of ration is important, read our article on how to choose the ration for the dog .

How To Make Your Dog Eat Ration

The health of your dog will depend on the diet you provide. The needs go beyond food, we speak of proper nutrition. As we mentioned before, many owners ignore the fact that the dog is a carnivorous animal and therefore it is a mistake to offer him an excess of hydrates, fruits and vegetables and even forbidden foods such as sweets or chocolate.

There are different types of diet such as the BARF diet (meat, skin and raw bones), give you leftovers from our food or homemade diets, but the most recommended is the basic diet of the dog that consists of combining:

  • Quality ration
  • Wet food
  • Homemade diet
  • Awards and Treats

All these foods must have a high protein content of animal, vegetable protein, without additives nor coloring, few carbohydrates and a low presence of cereals.

In order for your dog to return to eating without any problem, you should not give him any human or inappropriate food and provide him with adequate food . It is very important that you follow this step, because if you continue to give him extra food or a better taste, he will never eat the food he has on the plate.

We know that seeing the bowl full of food is worrying and creates anxiety in the owners. But do not worry, you should re-educate your dog on food just as you would a child. You can not allow him to eat anything he wants, because it will do him no good, neither to him nor to his digestive system.

Put the amount of food your dog should consume (always check the chart on the product label) in the food bowl. Do not worry, because if he is hungry he will eventually eat what you put on the plate.

Steps to follow to reintroduce the feed into your feed:

  1. Get rid of sweets and human food completely from your diet.
  2. Get a pack of quality ration and different cans of wet food.
  3. Put a can of damp (pâté-like) food into your bowl of food, and add a small amount of food on top and mix everything up.
  4. You should use a different type of pâté every day, to enrich and vary your diet, and you should always add the feed.
  5. Little by little the amount of feed should be increased.
  6. Never remove food from food bowl. If you are hungry, you will eventually eat.
  7. Always have plenty of water at your disposal.

This should be a progressive process for the dog to return to eating ration. Remember that it is extremely important that you do it since balanced and healthy food contains nutrients like omega 3 and omega 6, quality protein, minerals, etc. that we can not offer you with other diets. Do not be discouraged and persistent.

We hope we have helped you! Still, if after following all of these advice your dog does not continue to eat ration, it is important that you take him to the vet for examination. You should explain to the veterinarian the problem and the steps you took to try to solve the problem.

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