My dog ​​will not stop scratching, what can it be?

If you are a happy companion of a puppy, surely you have noticed that they do not stop quiet, sleep and eat a lot and explore everything. In addition, there may be several situations where you are not quite sure what is going on with your puppy. For example, have you noticed that your puppy is itchy ?

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The best thing you can do for him is to go to your trusted veterinarian so that he can make a proper diagnosis and can show you the right treatment for your puppy. But, if you want to know what may be causing this itching in the dog , we invite you to continue reading this article of ExpertAnimal, because we will explain all possible causes of this behavior in your faithful companion.

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External parasites that cause itching in the dog

If your puppy does not stop scratching and wants to know why it is doing so, one of the first reasons to check is the presence of external parasites . These cause a major itching in the dog and even pain and discomfort. In addition, the external parasites of the dog can also be transmitters of diseases and, some can infect people, for these reasons it is essential that you keep your puppy well dewormed.

Some of the most common external parasites in dogs are fleas, ticks, mites and fungi . One of the most common diseases caused by mites is scabies in dogs and, in the case of fungi, one of the conditions to be taken into account is ringworm. All these parasites and the diseases that can cause in the dogs, cause a great itching and annoyances that will make that your dog does not stop scratching itself. It is important that you do well the prevention of these throughout the year and always following the directions of your veterinarian and, in case you see them in the skin or the skin of your faithful friend, you must act immediately to eliminate them.

Insect bites and wounds

There are also insects that can sting your dog, besides those that are considered parasites. It is likely that if your dog does not scratch himself, he has a sting of a bee, wasp, ant or spideron the skin that itches . In this case, it should give you relief to stop scratching yourself, try putting a cloth with ice on the bite for a few seconds.

Also, it is possible that what causes your dog so much itching is a small wound or scratch of having been playing and running, so you should thoroughly check the skin in the itchy part and look for any sores. It is important that you know the different types of dog sores and first aid , remembering that it is always good to see a veterinarian.

Allergies that make the dog scratch

Another reason that can make your puppy scratch so much is that it has some kind of skin or food allergy . Allergy in dogs is a condition that can cause an intense itching in our furry companion, getting to the point of scratching so much that it makes small wounds and seems desperate to scratch more. If you believe that your puppy may have a food or skin allergy, if you experience symptoms such as skin that is in a bad state and very itchy, it will be good to take it to the vet to determine the cause of the allergy and thus be able to properly treat your puppy and avoid allergy to occur.

Skin irritation and dermatitis

Just as an allergy becomes visible on the skin causes a severe itching in a puppy, skin irritation , often caused by irritating agents like some air fresheners or colonics, and atopic dermatitis , causes an unbearable itch to the puppies. For this reason, it is essential that you observe that your puppy does not stop scratching , that it presents small wounds and scabs on the skin and scaly skin, among other symptoms, go to your veterinarian of confidence to diagnose the exact problem and offer you a treatment of your puppy’s skin problem, to treat it as soon as possible.

Stress and anxiety

Puppies have a high level of energy that they need to spend daily, if they do not provide enough activity to run out and renew energy, it accumulates and transforms into behaviors that humans do not like, such as house wreckage , repetitive movements or stereotypies, hyperactivity, hair loss, among others. It is possible that the continuous itching in your puppy should be suffering from stress and anxiety , since this behavior is part of the hyperactivity. It is really important that to avoid these problems learn to recognize some signs of stress in the dog, as referred to above. When you detect these symptoms it is important to help your dog relax and to change some habits to not repeat itself.

Hormonal disorders

Hormonal disorders are some of the conditions that can cause an excessive itching in a dog. For example, Cushing’s syndrome in dogs can cause itchy skin due to the body’s level of cortisol being unbalanced and this hormone helps the skin to have a good structure, so if it gets compromised, it can be itching and even skin infections.

Another hormonal disorder that can cause itching is hypothyroidism in dogs , since some of the symptoms of this disease are seborrhea and pyoderma , skin problems that will make your dog scratch himself too much. Again, if you notice any symptoms or changes in your puppy, you should take it to the vet as soon as possible.

Otitis causes itching and pain in the dog’s ears

Lastly, another reason that can make your puppy not stop from scratching can be otitis in the case of scratching the area of ​​the ears or the head. This disease is very frequent in puppies, especially after bathing. This condition will make your puppy desperately scratch the ears, that inclines the head towards the side of the affected ear and that shakes the head sharply, among other symptoms. If you notice this in your dog, you should take it to the veterinarian to advise you on the best possible treatment to cure otitis as soon as possible and thus stop ear ache and stop scratching yourself. Now you know the various possible causes of your dog not stop scratching himself and you know that you should consult a specialist to help your small and faithful companion in the best way possible.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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